Monday, July 20, 2009

Baby Showering in the ATL

My awesome family through William a shower at my Grandmother's house in Atlanta this weekend. The weather was wonderful and the food was good and this baby is well prepared thanks to them! After the two hour drive - and I drove because Sam had to be on a conference call - and then the shower - I was pooped. Daddy kept telling me to go lay down, but I didn't want to miss hanging out with everyone, and my ankles were back to canteloupes which is always fun...haha! And we seriously need to get better at taking more pictures - but here's Sam & I with Daddy & Sara, and then just us. Can't wait to be able to run again and make the chins disappear. Daddy said I should get over it - I'm pregnant - but it still bothers me. ;)
I am humongous! Only 4 more weeks to go!!

Not a bad looking couple if I say so myself! :)


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