Friday, July 10, 2009

Pretty sure I'm "Nesting"...

I decided at the beginning of this week that I was 34 weeks preggers and it was about time I had the hospital bag packed. Nevermind that so far I have had a completely uneventful pregnancy and there's probably little to no hope that WT is coming early and if he did manage to come early - we are wholly unprepared except for a pretty great wardrobe and an adorable nursery as ready. Which, quite frankly, doesn't count - we do have some diapers, but no I guess we aren't even prepared in that category either... Anyhow - I found a list that seemed to make sense from some website with "parent" in the name, logical right?, and started gathering - this of course led to a very fun trip to Target to finish off the list. Found out later from a friend that I will have no need for the perfect pajama pants I found and that I need to wear a nightgown so I can be "checked" every four house (I really wish I could have a Dream of Jeanie moment instead of actually giving birth).

But yeah - got new nursing bras (really comfortable for being full coverage lace, oh lala haha!!), nursing tank top (seemed to make more sense for the hospital instead of the bras - but I found the bras first and don't I need those anyway?), breast pads (seriously? that's going to be interesting), resisted the urge to buy slippers since I'll be more comfortable in my flip flops, Tootsie Pops (yay!! apparently I need them because I'm not going to be able to drink/eat anything when I am officially in labor - but lollipops don't count which I don't understand - but I'm not complaining!), um - oh and the most favorite - maxi-pads - haven't had to buy those since discovering the wonderful invention of tampons a zillion years ago and seriously felt lost on the aisle and probably looked like an idiot...don't even get me started on how I feel about having to have them and what that means for what's going on - ick!! (the joys of motherhood - I don't know that we really thought this through enough! ;)

Ok - so I get my bag pretty darn close to completion and realize - oops - I probably need a bag for WT - so I've got to start all over and figure out what I need for him. Nevermind that now I have to find a bag for him and of course have it monogrammed - because that's SOO boy - haha! This leads me to buying a $16 bottle of detergent!!!!! Why would something with NO smell be more expensive than the stuff that smells good? Nevermind that it's so expensive because we have the fancy front loader washer/dryer we HAD to have, so we have to pay extra so it suds less instead of more - I think the whole world is backwards... But it was fun to wash his clothes - meant I got to reorganize the closet again - always fun! I seriously had to resist the urge to iron his socks though - they have the cutest "shoelaces" and the bows got all curly - but it's stupid to iron socks right? - seriously, someone convince me not to do it - I'm two seconds from getting them out of the drawer! haha Then I realized - we don't have any mittens - omg -we don't have any mittens!!! Did you know how hard it is to find plain white mittens - practically impossible! Found some with gray piping at WalMart that will just have to do. Still on the lookout for plain white socks that don't say I Love Mommy - I swear - that's a difficult task too. And nevermind the hats!! Those ALL say something cheesey. I just want something plain to embroider his name on - is that so hard to find without a navy blue anchor? haha Apparently. anyhow - so I'm ready - but WT's bag is so far from actually being started it's a little disturbing. But, again, little to no hope that he's coming early, so I'm sure I'm fine.

But I'm still making Sam install the carseat this weekend!!! And he now drives the Fusion daily - so he gets to look like the crazy one with a carseat and no baby for it - but I'm excited to 1. get out of the nursery and free up some serious floorspace and 2. just see it in the car!! Maybe he WILL come early just because we'll be so prepared! haha ;) No, seriously doubt it...

(Except that I'm desperately hoping that he comes in 2.5 weeks when I'm officially full term, just saying.) I'm NOT sleeping and it would be nice if WT would keep both of his parents awake all night instead of just me. It's really not fair that Sam doesn't get to share this wonderful stage of WT's pre-life - and I would appreciate some help in the area... again, just saying. :) Nevermind that everything still hurts, especially walking, and I look like a crazy person trying...haha!

House update time:

Living room still needs matching slipcovers, window treatments, and all of my favorite fabrics - but I think it can survive looking like this for quite awhile. Too bad - I already own most of the fabric and have to look at it when I go in the office - which makes me pine for it even more...I'll survive. No one died from not having the perfect window treatments that have had chosen for over 2 years that would just complete the room perfectly and really set the tone for the tone of the entire house, but I'm just rambling now ... haha!

Our hallway - we had so much artwork at the monster house - that finding room for it in this much smaller, but way cute, house has been a little bit of a challenge. Hence - our hallway holds 8 of our most favorite pictures. And nevermind that we have probably no less than 20 prints that we LOVE that we had to put in the attic. I guess we'll have to start some kind of rotation eventually... or build walls for no reason other than the need for more walls to hang pictures on! haha!

Hope I didn't ramble too much - but if I did - maybe you were slightly entertained? More next time I feel the NEED to update...


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