Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Our Weekend

There's really not much going on that terribly interesting around here, but I feel obligated to update...

Since it was a holiday weekend - Sam got Friday off - which was awesome...in theory. He decided that with the extra day of the weekend we were going to paint the dining room and get that finished. Fun fun. I hate painting. I especially hate painting pregnant as it involves standing for long periods of time. Though I am VERY thankful to be the "roller" and not the one who has to cut in. I hate that job when I'm un-prego - it's tedious and I HATE it. Just saying. It was pretty surprising actually how quickly we can get a room painted now - start to finish - probably took 5 hours and that included moving all the furniture and hanging the pictures. If there weren't so many doors - it would've been a lot faster - also - apparently some idiot before had painted the trim the same color as the walls/ceiling - so Sam had to completely repaint that too. He's such a trooper - love him!

We still need to recover the chairs, find a picture for over the pie safe, and have window treatments made - but just having the room painted is such an improvement!

While he was cutting in - I removed some of the ceiling tiles in the kitchen. Yes - you read that right - maybe the same idiot? - put up a drop ceiling in the 3 inches between the cabinets and the flat ceiling...go figure. I wasn't very good at getting the tiles down though - so I became Sam's helper. Well - we had grand plans of taking down the grid, fixing the holes where the bolts were and painting the kitchen - which would pretty much get the house fully painted (only room left would be the back room with the computer and this is room is just kinda gross and not worth it until many things are changed). We got up on Saturday went to breakfast with Sam's sisters, came back home and I got in bed because I was RIDICULOUSLY tired for some reason - and shortly after that Sam came in and said he wasn't motivated to do the kitchen. Which was fine with me - I took a 4-5 hour nap - I told you I was stupid tired. It was nice being completely lazy with Sam all day though. We hadn't done that in a LONG time. There was always SOMETHING that HAD to be done on the monster house.

Sunday - Sam got up early and went and cut his parent's grass before it got hot - and surprised me with Golden Donuts - yum yum yum!! Then we put all the boxes/STUFF that needed to go in the attic in the attic. Tons of fun - not - but atleast you can see the floor in the office now instead of piles of useless junk waiting to be stored! :) There are only 2 boxes left in the whole house waiting for us to find a home for the contents. We are out of places to store things - so they might sit in the kitchen for awhile... oh well. We did not get done with the attic in time to take showers and go to church though..haven't been in two weeks - I kinda feel like a bad person. This Sunday - definitely. Anyhow - Sam then got motivated to replace all of the outlets and switches in the house - so now that's done. It looks so much better with shiny white outlets and faceplates - small but important difference! And the best part - we didn't but 8 "contractor" boxes of outlets like at the monster house. It's amazing how much more affordable fixing up a small house is!! I love it! (not that the contractor boxes are expensive - but we spent a small fortune on them at Forest..just saying)

OH! I totally forgot about the Fourth of July! We spent all day, our lazy day, smoking ribs and a porkloin and then Sam's sisters came over and helped us eat it. Well, actually Sam & I did most of the eating - but I was surprised to see that Tasha actually tried everything, except the ribs, but still, it was more than I thought she would do. Then we hung out and tried to get the baby to move so Laura could feel him - he was being surprisingly chill all evening - but finally moved a little bit - Tasha wanted no part of it...haha...it is a little strange I guess...I try not to think about it too much. Then it was off to the fireworks downtown. Which did not disappoint - LOVE fireworks - I forgot how loud they were though! After that we had the bright idea to go to Baskin Robbins - got there barely before they closed - but I don't know why I thought this would be fun. We paid WAY too much for single scoops and I'm sorry - but I would've been happier with soft serve icecream - just saying. Anyhow - it was a fun Fourth - and it was a nice spontaneous family holiday.

Go to the doctor tomorrow - it's "meet one of our other doctors" day - so I'm sure it will short sweet and awkward. I doubt they are doing anything besides making sure that there is still a heartbeat - but if there's anything worth noting - I will.


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