Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Belly Pics

I finally got out of bed and took a belly pic. I've been feeling guilty for not keeping up the timeline quite as well as I had planned - so here you are. 35 weeks 1 day in all my glory...haha!

And let me clarify - I HAVE been out of bed previous to 4:00 pm - I went to lunch with a friend and then cleaned up the house a little bit (obviously the cleaning did not involve making the bed...) and then I got BACK into bed. I am up most nights with either miserable indigestion or having to go to the bathroom every stinking minute - so I hardly ever feel 100%. Last night was indigestion that has carried over into the daytime hours. Really not cool - but I don't have too much longer and the doctor said I can take something besides TUMS. I love 'em - but they're not cutting it anymore unfortunately.

So back to the fun stuff... Like I said - I went to lunch with Angie and her daughter Charlotte today. They accidentally slept through the baby shower and pasta was how they decided to make it up to me. Totally unnecessary but SOO YUMMY!! Angie is due the same day I am - which is only one of the weird coincidences. We became friends when she emailed about our house on 18th Ave - yeah - that was the white one 2 houses ago...haha. They also looked at buying the monster house, but being the smart cookies they are - they thought better of it. So yeah - that's how we know each other.

She is THE Cutest preggers lady ever - all belly - I'm beyond jealous. ;) The only good thing though is that she swears by breast feeding that all the weight comes off - so I figure I do that AND get back to 4 miles+ running and I'll be fine. She did say that it took 9 months for her hips to go back to where they're supposed to be - not looking forward to that. I never really had hips - and I kinda liked it that way (only now of course) but now that they are moving OUT I have maternity pants I can't even wear out in public - it's crazy!! I don't know how I am ever going to be able to wear real clothes. I guess I'm going to have to go get a temporary wardrobe for after baby but before my beloved 8's (sometimes 6's!!) fit again...i.e. YOGA PANTS!! It'll be back to my "uniform" -haha - Sam's gonna love that!

Am I rambling - I can't keep a thought in my head - it's ridiculous. I was meeting with a client the other day and forgot entire important questions, not to mention couldn't come up with the word waiting room. It wasn't pretty. Luckily I think she thought it was amusing...I hope anyways!

Needless to say I'm ready for WT to get here. I've washed his clothes, blankets, etc. Packed the car, packed our bags, cleaned the house as much as I'm willing to do (it's ridiculous how often I have to dust), and the nursery is pretty much done. We don't have a lot of STUFF that you're supposed to have for baby - but we have the basics - and I have run out of things to do for his room - so I think it's time for him to start thinking about coming into this world. Angie asked if he had "dropped" - I have no idea. I figure the doctor will tell me...

And since I have nothing to do for the nursery - I want to work on the house -but there's nothing to be done there either, well, without spending money of course. I painted some of the laundry area - but I can't move the washer/dryer - so not even that is complete and besides there's a whole wall that needs to be moved 3 feet - so I'm not sure why I even thought that would be a productive project. It did take up maybe 45 minutes of my life on Monday though - so that was good and interesting.

There's really not that much going on - I think I might try and find some shorts and take the dogs to chase a ball in field across the street. It looks cloudy and windy so maybe it's relatively comfortable outside. We'll see.


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