Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ok ok - I'll catch you up!

A lot has happened in the week and a half I haven't posted anything. Mostly because I killed the camera the last time and had to charge the battery - but that meant we had to find the charger - you see where this is going... anyhow.

So, Daddy came down last weekend to help us with a bit of an "issue" with our laundry/back room. Simply - it was the MOST unfunctional space I've ever seen. Nevermind the traffic flow issues, and the lack of useable space trying to make sure that the dogs have adequate room to run without knocking us over, but I LITERALLY would not have been able to get clothes out of the dryer this week. I honestly thought I was going to get stuck a couple times...that would've been interesting! ;)

And good for us - my Dad is the master at all things - especially all things related to construction. So, we finally found a weekend that he could come down and help because we kind of thought that this might be slightly above our current knowledge and boy, were we right. Sam kept saying "sturdy like a wall" every time they put a stud up and when everything was said and done - that saying rang true. We did, however, acknowledge that if we had been left to our own devices, because HGTV always says putting up a wall is no big deal, that the wall probably would've fallen over and killed the laundry hampers or something. There was A LOT more involved than either of us really understood - so thank goodness my Dad is the master! (and he's retired and likes to see his kids...)

I don't have a good before pic - but hopefully the drawing above does a good enough job explaining how truly stupid the people who did the addition were - seriously - in what universe is that an acceptable solution for a laundry?! But, anyway, here's the after:

OH - I forgot the best part - I basically got to sit in a tailgate chair in the kitchen and not do anything but make conversation and try and learn what Daddy was doing. Being pregnant occasionally has perks... ;) But don't tell anyone I told you! Oh - and no, the trim is not painted, we (Sam) ran out of energy - and I don't blame him. Hopefully we'll remember to paint the trim before we move out! haha

Um - onto baby news - Went to the doctor last week and she checked and the baby has made no forward progress - so I don't think he's coming early. Maybe she'll say something good on Friday when we go again. (I now go every week btw..) Hypothetically I really don't mind waiting until the due date to have him - I like the number 17 - but in the past two weeks I think I have developed carpal tunnel and actual knee problems which are not fun. My fingers get "stuck" if I bend them and it hurts, nevermind that if they are not "stuck" they are just achy and I'm constantly popping them to try and relieve some of the pain, but I have a feeling that that is actually making it worse some how. Soaking them in cold water helps - but I can't do things and soak them at the same time - so that's a problem. And on top of that - now my knees are swollen so much that putting pressure on them, to say - get into bed or pick up something on the floor - is now ridiculously painful. It actually HURTS - which is just strange. Funny thing - my feet being canteloupes at all times is the most bearable of pregnancy issues...haha! Oh - and I suppose it goes without saying - that I now look like an unwed mother walking around in public since my wedding band finally had to come off on Monday. Sad day - I really thought I might make it to the end with it. No such luck.

37 week belly pic - for a couple hours yesterday I actually felt good - got 4 good hours of sleep and thought I would actually get dressed for the day. (about an hour after I took this pic I was in Sam's button up shirt taking a nap - so the good didn't last too long..oh well)

And one more pic - just because I LOVE it - the guys at the Workroom where I take all of my drapery/upholstery work recovered our ottoman as a gift for the baby's room - and it's just adorable! Plus, we finally found the perfect rug. (so a huge THANKYOU to everyone who contributed cash to the baby Rumer fund - we decided to spend it on a much needed, much larger, fluffy rug)

Those are green frogs on the upholstery!! Love it!

Interesting little tidbit - we've started occasionally referring to the baby in my belly as "our son", "your son", etc... Still a little weird to us - but it's really sweet when Sam says "my son". He's going to be such a good daddy - though if you've seen him with children - you already knew that. He's amazing. (plus - he's a baby whisperer!)


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Heather @ McKinney Living said...

Wow - what were they thinking with that crazy laundry space??? Looks MUCH more functional now, for sure!! Always nice to know someone expert on these sorts of things that you don't have to pay! :)

You are in the hooooome stretch now, girl! Hang in there - William will be here before you know it!


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