Thursday, October 22, 2009

Why has modern medicine not fixed this yet?

Colic has returned and it's worse than ever. Specifically - from 8pm - 8am. It's going to kill me. It might also take my dad with it, who was nice enough to come down and let me sleep an entire night. Seeing that I had only slept 4-5 hours in two days...and 4 of those was in one night. Just saying.

He's almost 3 months, he's almost 3 months, he's almost 3 months.

I hope it's like magic. November 3 could not come soon enough!

(and y'all know I'm not big on shirts that say things - but I genuinely enjoyed putting him in this one yesterday - so appropriate!)



Lindsey said...

For once, I'm all out of suggestions :) Here's to babies that sleep all through the night very very soon!

Meghan said...

Me too! Good luck with yours!

Abby said...

I try not to do unsolicited advice, but I don't even have any of that to give :(

Jaynah said...

for us the magic colic month was 4. Hope yours comes soon! I feel your pain....


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