Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Someone was busy this weekend...

But it wasn't me. Well, I was busy but at my parent's house in the mountains. Really I was just hanging out but the nighttime feedings I had to do all by myself, so I felt busy.

Technically, all we did was watch pepito smile and play all weekend.

Anyhow, what I was talking about was Sam. He painted some of the kitchen cabinets. The buffet side to be exact. It amounted to 12 doors, 4 drawers, 3 coats each with an additional coat of poly. He removed 24 hinges with 5 screws each and 16 handles with 2 screws each. That would've made me crazy - I'm so glad I was exempt from this project. Except for the extreme time it took to do all of this - I'm guessing it's pretty easy. And the difference is HUGE. We had originally thought about changing out the hinges and hardware but that would mean we would have to wood putty all of the extra holes in the doors and plus the sheer cost of that many hinges would be insane. Maybe in five years but I seriously doubt it. Unless anyone out there is volunteering... ;)

New and Improved
and yes, we are trying to find a better place for the cat food & litter box -
but the dogs think that it's a treat...

This section is next...pretty ugly right?!

Also, on a boo note - stupid sewing machine was a bust. It didn't work right - but my parents being the super cool nicest people I know - told me to return it and they would pay the difference for the macdaddy of all sewing machines (technically it's not - but to me it most definitely is!) It can do monogramming for crying out loud! I'm in heaven!! Granted it's only one font - but still - never thought I'd have a machine like this!! I haven't had a chance to break it out and learn how to use it yet but I will and it's going to be glorious. I totally perused the pattern section at Hobby Lobby today and I have big plans for William already. Nevermind all the window treatments and pillows I am going to make. Though, I really need to focus on learning how to thread the thing first I suppose... ;)


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