Friday, October 2, 2009

Headed to the mountains

I'm going to Cleveland for the weekend to stay with my parents and see my high school friends. We were all supposed to stay with Macy at St. Simons this weekend but that fell apart because it's such a long trip for all of us. It turns out though - that most of us will be in Cleveland instead - so it worked out perfectly. We can all save money and stay with our parents and no one will have to try and sleep through babies (my baby) screaming all night.

Seriously - it took us 8 HOURS to get him to sleep last night. He cried and screamed the entire time. Not a good time. He finally went to sleep at 4:30. Sam's boss pointed out that we have teething still to look forward to. God help us.

Sam is staying in Columbus because of project fever and painting the kitchen cabinets. More on this later I am sure. It's so funny how the fever just showed up for both us and we've got it bad. We bought an inexpensive Singer sewing machine and I can't wait for my stepmom to show me how to use this weekend. I've been dreaming for years about being able to sew and do all the crafty projects - and an extra perk will be simple window treatments and pillows once I feel confident enough to cut into my fabric. This will be the hardest part - I'm very attached to all of it and am scared to death I won't cut it correctly and lose it forever. I'll probably end up measuring not only twice but a dozen times. Irrational fear.

So wish me luck driving 3.5 hours in the middle of the night up to Cleveland and that he doesn't repeat last night all weekend.

And he turns two months old tomorrow!! He's getting so big!


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Becky Rumer said...

I did not know that you wanted to learn to sew! You may use my Bernina sewing machine with all it's neat attachments and possibilities, as it is sitting unused and wishing for someone who will make wonderful creations on it! From the time that I could read and write, I wanted to sew, and my first sewing machine at 12 years old was literally a dream come true! Sewing has provided YEARS of fun for me and lots of neat clothes for my children! Hurray for sewing and all the enjoyment it will bring you!


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