Tuesday, October 20, 2009

One Hernia Gone..

Monday was William's big surgery day and it went just fine. We woke up at 5 am, had managed to temporarily forget what that was like - ha! Sam took a shower and I got the diaper bag and everything together. Woke pepito up, changed his diaper, put a hat on him and off we went in the cold to the Medical Center just down the road. (literally - MAYBE 3 minutes away)

We signed in, I had already preregistered him last week, and then pretty quickly we were called back. The nurses were super nice - well who isn't when you have one of the cutest babies ever! - and very helpful. They brought a gown for him and a warm blanket to wrap him in. Seriously - we had a lot of hospital visitors. Even the chaplain came by because he recognized the last name - very sweet people. And surprisingly - William wasn't even ticked off that he hadn't been fed since 9 o'clock the night before. Usually he would be screaming bloody murder if he wasn't fed immediately after waking up - but hey - I'll take it. Everything is so much easier to handle when you're not embarrassingly trying to calm bambino down.

Loving the WARM blanket.
At about 7:15 one of the operating nurses came and carried him back for surgery. Honestly, everyone always says it's heartbreaking and I don't want to sound cold, but I was unaffected. Hmm. He was in good hands, routine procedure, nothing to worry about. Plus, he was happy. Who knows. Anyhow - about an hour later Dr Goldman came and found us and told us everything went really well, one stitch on the inside to close the hole the intestines were squeezing through and tape to close the incision on the outside - they don't use exterior stitches on babies. He said make sure his diaper stays clean and dry - ie. please make yourself absolutely insane changing his diaper every 16 minutes for the next 10 days until I see you again. We go back to recovery and poor baby boy is freaking out coming out of anesthesia. Nothing that can be done to help him - we just held him and waited. The recovery nurse had never seen the special swaddle blanket and is expecting her first grandchild in April - so we filled her in on its magic. I think she was impressed. ;) William calmed down practically immediately once Sam wrapped him tight in. Love that thing.

So we were home by 9:45. Easy cheesey. He was a little grumpy all day but mostly he slept ALL DAY. As long as he was sleeping on one our chests he was a pretty happy camper. He lost all interest in eating until late afternoon - but I guess that's too be expected. Who really feels like eating/like themselves after being cut open?! So, that wasn't too bad. Night time, however, is a different story. I'm not sure what I expected but whatever it was did not happen. I knew that we would be getting up constantly to check and make sure that his diaper wasn't wet and if it was we needed to change it. I wasn't prepared for W. not wanting to go back to sleep and wanting to eat, but not really eat, etc. And poor Sam - he had to work in the morning so I tried really hard not to get him involved after midnight but somewhere around 2 when W refused to go back to sleep and was loud about it, I guess it woke Sam up and he came and gave me a break. And then around 5 something I think I asked him to - because I had spent 2 hours getting him back to sleep, got in bed myself and then in 15 minutes W was awake again. I'm pretty sure I only got about 45 minutes of good sleep since I had to check on him every hour and usually that took about 30-45 minutes if he was being cooperative. Can't blame him though - I was a wreck after the c-section and I'm full grown and voice my upsetness. So, yeah. That was our night.

Recovering in the vibrating chair.

Which would be fine except that because he slept LITERALLY all day yesterday he hasn't wanted to sleep at all today. We've managed 2-20 minute naps and then as soon as Sam is about to get home I get him good and asleep and put him in the swing. I've been trying to make that happen for 9 hours and then when I could just had him to his Daddy - he gives us a break. I swear! ;) But, surprisingly, right now I feel pretty darn good. About to go lay down for awhile, but definitely feel better than the massive hangover I had on Sunday after girl's night...That was death - this is easy.

Not taking a nap today.


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Abby said...

So glad everything went well for you sweet baby!

I hope that you are doing well yourself and that you're recovering from the shock of the first couple months.


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