Sunday, November 8, 2009


Today was William's Baptism. He was incredibly fussy all morning. Screaming fussy. We were really worried that he was going to continue all the way to the church - but luckily he settled down and even took a nap until right before it was time to go up. Thank goodness! He did so good!! A little upset at the water but the pastor was really good with him. (he has a seven month old baby girl - so he knows all about jiggling and patting the butt!!) I almost cried as I watched him walk William down the aisle while the church sang Jesus Loves Me. So sweet - but I held it together. ;)

I ended up having to leave the service immediately after the baptism. The good effects of the nap were wearing off and William was getting antsy and hungry. Oh well.

Then we went to Bill & Becky's for lunch with everyone. It was so good and nice to spend time with all the friends and family who came down for the occasion. And the food. was. so. good. Much better than M&M's - I'll fill ya in later on that. ha!

Enjoy the pictures - he was precious! (Oh and Hadley & Bobby are the godparents - that's why they're up at the front with us..just fyi)

He was starting to cry just a touch...
Getting baptized.
Walking the aisle during Jesus Loves Me
Family & Friends outside the church
My handsome family.
Thank you to everyone who came and traveled to be here for us and for William. And thank you to my in-laws for hosting the lunch so we could all get just a little more time together. It means so much to us! We have the best friends and family!! Much love to y'all!!


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