Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I love my Daddy.

Who else would be in Columbus the next day at 8am with a smile on his face and open arms to take the screaming baby from me?! Seriously - I have the best daddy ever.

In the spirit of being honest - which y'all know that I am (seriously why sugar coat?! - it just makes me feel like a failure when I read what other people write and it's all rosy, but I guess that's on me...) - I was losing my mind. My sweet little boy has no happy median. He is either all smiles and coos or screaming bloody murder. And if said sweet little boy doesn't poop on a regular basis he is miserable, which makes my life miserable. And he didn't poop on Sunday. Not ok.

Luckily for me, I also have the best friend in the whole world, who when I called her at 10am on Monday about to have a crazy crying meltdown, she "forced" me to bring him over to her house and told me to go home and relax. I would never survive my life if it wasn't for the sixteen daily phonecalls and the spontaneous crashing her house two/three times a week. I love me some Hads. He pooped for Hadley on Monday afternoon - after she dealt with 3.5 hours of severe unhappiness. (Sorry Hads - didn't mean to scare your hubs.) And then all was right with the world. Though by that point, Sam had made me call my Dad and ask if he was available this week - so I got another two days of happy mommy time.

"Riding the horse"

He's such a great GDaddy too - he plays with William and walks him until he's blue in the face and seriously, I think he's got esp - because he always figures out exactly what's wrong with W. Though - I guess there's only so many options - so he just whittles down the list quickly.

GDaddy had him mesmerized by this toy - so cute!

The other great Daddy in my life!

I wanted in on the pleasant baby picture action too.
I'm glad I'm surrounded by wonderful people because I'm slowly losing my mind. Atleast I have them to pick up the pieces behind me.



Brandi said...

Sounds like Raegan as a baby. She has always been about the extremes. I wish I could tell you that they mellow out with age, but so far that has defintely not happened with her. She's just my little drama queen. The good news is that the second one HAS to be an easy baby--it's a rule!!!

Lindsey said...

It gets better. I promise. Somewhere along the way, the sun comes out and it all seems better. You (sorta) have your kid figured out and can keep him satisfied and you think to yourself "oh, this is what those other moms were talking about." it'll happen.

then you get pregnant again! :)

Meghan said...

Brandi - awesome! I am so owed an easy baby! ;)

Lindsey - thankyou! I can't wait for the ahha moment!

Hadley said...

You totally know that 8 of those 16 phone calls each day are from me!
Your dad is one in a million, Megs, and I know you feel so lucky to have him. You are surrounded by people who love you and care about you because of the sweet, kind, and generous person that you are. You would have taken my baby in a heartbeat if I was having a tough day.
You know I love your blog and the honest account you give of just how tough it is to be a mom. No sugar, no sprinkles, just the real deal with accounts of both the good and the bad.
I love you!!


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