Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I wanted to go to Mexico

But, alas, only Sam got to go. He called me at 4:00 on Tuesday and "asked" if it would be ok if he went to Mexico on an emergency business trip. I, being the amazing wife and mother that I am, said of course - it's for your career - absolutely. Go be the TSYS rockstar. It wasn't even his client that needed all the help. So - the next morning he headed up to the airport and left me at home with the 3 month old sweetheart/monster.

Wednesday was easy cheesey. William was in a perfect mood. He ate, slept, played exactly on schedule and we had a big time. Then THURSDAY came.... He cried and screamed and then repeated that ALL DAY. I really thought I was going to lose my mind. I thought he had an ear infection, I thought he might be teething, I think I finally landed on that he just wanted to make my life miserable because I had no one to hand him off to. Oh - did I mention that he chose these two nights to not sleep? Yeah - that REALLY was not helping anything. I have not been the one to get up in the middle of the night to feed him because I have an amazing husband who values his life and my happiness - so this was not good. AND To top all of this off - William insisted on being held and walked all day and night. Little man is heavy for being under 50 percentile and my arms and back hurt. Hurt might be the wrong word - I needed a serious deep tissue, please find my bones and make me feel better massage to counteract the pain...

I (we) managed to survive until Friday. We went to the park with Hadley & Robbie because we both needed some fresh air to make it through our lives and when we got back to her house - he had pooped!! I have never been so excited to see nasty brown stuff in all my life. Turns out little man was pissed off because he hadn't gone in 2.5 days!!! Good thing ear drops aren't deadly if a kid doesn't have an ear infection....just saying. ;) So Friday was infinitely better. He ate, slept and played just like he was supposed to.

Funny - Hadley came over with a movie Friday night after she dropped Robbie off at Honey's (her mom - don't you want to be called Honey by your grandkids!! love!!). I made teriyaki chicken, but I cooked it on the wrong burner - so there were cold spots. Sweet hadley said hers was completely warmed through...I'm not so sure. and then we put the movie in - Management with Jennifer Aniston. Yeah - don't waste your time. We were exhausted and way too tired to put up with a bad movie. We watched for 28 minutes, stared at my sad DVD collection and decided that we were too tired to care about watching a movie and really just wanted to go to bed. We made the executive decision to stay in living room until 9:00 so we didn't seem SO lame and then she left and I went to bed. haha!!

Ok - Sam was supposed to be back at home by 2:00 on Saturday. But he "misplaced" a piece of paper from immigration and they wouldn't let him leave the country without it. Problem - his flight left at 7:30 and immigration dept. didn't open until 8:00. ugh - that meant I had to survive another ENTIRE day all by myself. I wasn't upset - just disappointed... (ha - totally pulling that one out of the "mom book") Anyhow. He finally made it back at 8:30 that night. Which was perfect timing because W woke up from his spontaneous 3 hour nap 15 minutes later and I'm not sure I would have been able to physically lift him out of the crib....

In summary - I made it 4 days by myself and the munchkin. Pretty proud of that. Though - I did fantasize about baskets, bows and doorsteps....yes, that's brutal honesty for ya. Enjoy. When you have kids - you'll think about it too. Promise. :)

Glad I got it out of the way though - because Sam is lobbying for a week long trip to Ireland and it's good to know that I can survive. Even if I can't stand up straight.

OH - The M&Ms!!! Because he insisted on being held/walked Wednesday & Thursday I only ate M&Ms for literally almost 48 hours. I would grab a handful every loop around the house when I passed the candy dish. So it's good to know that you can subsist on only chocolate. I haven't gotten on the scale to see what it cost me but I'm still alive so I think that counts for something.



Lindsey said...

You rock. You made it. Congrats. Totally feel you.

Brandi said...

M&Ms and diet coke are life sustaining.

Angie said...

OH GEEZ! Are you kidding me?!?! I can't believe you did that for four nights. It would have broken me...I guess there's a reason God has given me such easy babies...you know, He only gives you what you can handle...? Way to go, girl. You're tough.


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