Monday, November 30, 2009

Very Thankful Thanksgiving

We successfully completed the annual musical houses that is Thanksgiving this year. We are officially pros at it now - 19 years for me and 6 for Sam - so it's easy cheesey at this point. Now that we live in Columbus, we always do the day of the holiday at home/go to Bill & Becky's and then make the trek to Cleveland usually the night of the holiday. This year my mom got us on Thursday night and then off to Dad's on Friday night. Then home on Sunday night. We usually try to split the last day - but little man was NOT happy about something (we never did figure out what) so that didn't happen. We even tried to leave earlier than planned because of said unhappiness - but we couldn't get him to eat enough to fall asleep so that was a lost cause. And the ride home was awful. Nothing better than driving through Atlanta holiday traffic with an inconsolable baby in the backseat. Atleast I knew to stay in the right lane so we never truly stopped and made it through the traffic jam relatively easy.

Ok - enough of the timeline...

Thanksgiving Day

I am thankful for the abundance of family. (besides that it means there are lots of people to hold the baby when I can't handle the stress of him crying anymore..) We have approximately 60 or so family members (including close extended family) and it's really great anytime we get to see them all. It was especially fun this time because Mimi & Jack (my stepmom's parents) had not met William yet and they are just the coolest grandparents ever anyhow. (no really, I kept refering to them as aunt & uncle when I was younger because they were THAT cool..heehee) anyhow - Mimi had a big time playing and holding William and I love that he has so many Great Grandparents to grow up knowing. 7 Great Grandparents to be exact. And 1 Great Great Grandmother, Mema. Though, he probably won't get the chance to actually remember her and it's really sad that he won't know how awesome she is. But atleast she got to meet him and we have great video of it - so we can show him later.

All the Rumer Kids, and a boyfriend for good measure
I am thankful for my amazing husband who just happens to moonlight as the world's best daddy too. I always knew he would be great but it really came to light when we were at the hospital having William. He really stepped up and "managed" all the family who came for the birth, and that is no small feat people! (musical holidays remember) Even in my cracked out, drugged up state I was in awe of how effortlessly he handled what could've been a sticky situation. That many people wanting to see the baby, me and everything in between and only so many people allowed in the room at any given time - it was really a recipe for disaster but he was wonderful. A really strong man and I love him for all of it. And nevermind that he puts all my pieces back together when I melt down... ;)

Thanksgiving Day 2 - with Omi
With Mimi

I am thankful for William. When he is happy he is an absolute joy. Smiles and goos and loveliness. I love when he falls asleep on in my arms. And he always wakes up happy - those early (and I do mean early - the new trend of 5:30 has got to stop) morning smiles are adorable. And he's precious when he's eating his nighttime bottle and right before you know he's done - he smiles with the bottle in his mouth and his eyes closed. And just so you know I'm not sugarcoating - Mimi asked me if I could remember life without him and my answer, to her surprise, was absolutely. I wouldn't trade my life for then - but I do definitely remember. (Give me some credit - it was literally only 4 months ago - I may have mom brain - but I'm NOT THAT bad yet)

I'm thankful for my friends. You know who you are and you know why I love you.

I am truly blessed. My new goal is to remember that when the baby is screaming. :)


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