Monday, April 5, 2010

It was a lovely day

It could not have been a prettier day for Easter.  All sun and just warm enough.

Super William shirt in his Easter basket

We decided to go to early service with Sam's parents, so we would be able to make mac&cheese for lunch, get William down for a nap, and have a little down time before heading over to their house for the big family get together.  Nevermind that I had to finish my Easter dress, do William's Easter basket, feed William, give him a bath, get him dressed, take a shower myself and actually do my hair and makeup AND be ready to leave the house by 8:30.  Sadly, it didn't happen - we left at 8:45, when church was starting, and walked in ten minutes late after getting William squared away in the nursery.  I don't think I've ever been late to church, atleast not in the recent past, and yuck.  Having to walk in and everyone staring - not good.  Oh well.  Buddy's sermon was awesome - very nice service all around.

my most favorite picture of all of us to date

Afterwards we took a couple family pictures in the little garden off the side of the church.  I think they turned out perfect.  I'm loving this new "family" thing.  ;)


William wanted to take a marathon two nap but we had to wake him after 1.5 hours to go to B&B's.  He didn't seem too upset about it thank goodness.  Probably helped that as soon as we got there he got bananas & strawberries for lunch and could run around their house in the walker.  Plus, he was the center of attention which he loves! ha!

with Daddy and the azaleas at our house

Easter dinner was yummy - even though I accidentally used sweetened condensed milk instead of evaporated for the mac & cheese, I'm not sure anyone REALLY noticed besides me...but I'll never make that mistake again!  We sat William at the table with us and he was getting bored - so Sam gave him a green bean - brilliant!!!  He gnawed on it happily until it was mush and then we gave him another and then some asparagus...rinse and repeat!  He was so happy just having something to hold onto and chew - hilarious!  Cute kid.
playing outside, he never fully grasped that he couldn't get the walker on the grass

eating vegetables!!!

It was naptime by the end of dinner - so we came home and laid low.  Sam rented The Blind Side and we ate pizza for dinner.  Awesome movie by the way - should be required watching for all humans.

outside at B&B's
That's pretty much - be on the lookout for William by Numbers soon!


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