Monday, April 12, 2010

A Weekend in Cleveland

Friday night we headed up to Cleveland to celebrate my stepmom's birthday - granted we were a little late, her birthday is March 30, but I guess it was the soonest all of us kids could get our schedules aligned.  And poo, my littlest sister got allergies and a fever so she couldn't make it, but we had a good time.  The celebration wasn't until Sunday so we had fun with my parents all day on Saturday.

Daddy makes THE best breakfast ever!!  Saturday we had biscuits and BACON!!  They always make a lot of bacon when we come up and all of us fight over how many pieces we are going to get.  It's kinda funny really but I don't know how to describe it so y'all with laugh too...  (I usually win...)  William wanted in on the action and Daddy was happy to oblige.

After William woke up, we went up to Mema's house in Gainesville.  Apparently most of her beautiful things are going to be sold in an estate sale and it was heartbreaking to see it all laid out and know that strangers were going to walk away with the things she held dear.  But I learned that she had an obsession with baskets just like me, which was neat.  Her husband actually told she was not allowed to bring another single basket into the house - luckily my hubs hasn't gone that far yet!!

I think naps followed that afternoon - me on the most comfy sofa EVER and William fell asleep in the bike trailer Daddy got him.  It is seriously the coolest piece of baby equipment I've ever seen!!  He could flip in that thing twelve times and I don't think he would come out with a bruise or a scratch.  The straps are better than anything I've seen in a carseat!!  Can't wait to go biking at Callaway later this 'spring' with Daddy!!  Even better - I'm not going to have to tow it!! (it's REALLY substantial!)

Sunday, William had his first bath in a sink and I think he enjoyed it.  I forgot all of his toys - but he was happy to steal the washcloth from me as a substitute.

Then, all his aunts and uncles came over.  We didn't get many pictures because Daddy also had his camera out but a good time was had by all.  William ate strawberry-apple puffs for the first time while we ate beef tenderloin and then Daddy had him giggling up a storm at some balloons.  I can't wait to see/get the video of it - it was hilarious and adorable! So glad we caught it on film!!

It was a super nice, relaxing weekend.  Always fun spending time with Daddy & Sara and it's even better when all my brothers and sisters (well almost all) are there too.  We're going to try and make a family dinner a quarterly occasion.  (Sara wanted every month - but we're the ones farthest away and wow - that just wouldn't work...)  Though, with holidays and birthdays, I'm sure we'll end up getting together more often - especially in the summer & fall when most of our birthdays & holidays occur.


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