Tuesday, April 6, 2010

William By Numbers

Sweet William is 8 months old!! 2/3 of the way through his first year - kinda crazy right?!

This month's highlights:
*Has totally rejected homemade baby food - he literally gagged on the sweet potatoes which were his favorite
*Now eats green veggies, including peas.  Really he eats it all and loves it.  Corn, mango, peaches, green beans, etc etc etc...
*Will gnaw on anything
*Prefers to play with his bottle caps instead of his hundreds of toys; also prefers paper, boxes, and tin foil to toys
*Eats magazines, especially Southern Living before Mommy gets to read it
*Will now walk if you hold his hands instead of just standing
*Is a master at the "tummy pivot" - he spins a complete 360', he also does this sitting on his bum
*Is very handsy when being fed - he thinks he does a much better job with the spoon than his parents
*Slowly moved himself to two naps a day
*Moved his bedtime to 6:30-7:00 and is now sleeping through the night again more frequently
*Pretty sure he's getting taller and not wider - it's becoming impossible to find pants that fit his waist
*Wants to crawl but hasn't quite figured it out yet (btw - this changed right after the month cutoff...)
*Loves to talk walks in the stroller but no longer falls asleep that way
*Really wishes that Burnie liked him
*Tears through the house in his walker; door trim, coffee table, and pretty thing beware!
*Can say BaBa & MaMa - though I'm pretty sure he hasn't associated those words with anything in particular...
*Lights up when Daddy comes home
*Has replaced smiling with the ever popular razz - Sam calls it his "purr" - you know he's happy
*Still refuses to hold his own bottle but loves his sippy cups with water
*We made the executive decision to stop the baby Zantac and rice in the bottle - he's fine without it
*Is still a gum baby - no teeth yet
*His hair is finally starting to come in - couple long RED strands on top
*Thinks it is hilarious when Daddy/Mommy "barks"
*Is rediscovering how to "cry it out" - apparently I've been spoiling him and he has forgotten how
*Can sit very happily in the middle of the floor with no toys - he pretends to be an airplane and pumps his arms up and down excitedly
*Is start to do a "wave" motion, sometimes even at the appropriate time
*When he sees someone he wants (even if he doesn't know them) he literally jumps/throws himself towards them
*Walks around clucking (using his tongue from the roof of his mouth...y'know what I mean)
*Will only go to sleep with his green fluffy blanket

He is an absolute doll and the closer we get to fulltime daycare in the summer, the more I cherish staying home.  He is so fun and cute.  Makes us both laugh constantly.


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