Saturday, April 17, 2010

Toodle Toddles

For some crazy reason - the blog is refusing to upload any picture but this one - oh well.  This is a cute one.

William has a newfound love for walking.  He used to just stand there when you hold both his hands and now he is off and running.  So cute but killer on the back.  He can also pull himself up using his own strength as long as we are there to stabilize him.  And he's so tickled with himself.  He'll just stand holding onto the coffee table staring at his feet.  I think he'll be walking "soon" -  though I've been thinking his teeth would come in "soon" for 4.5 months now - so we'll see.

He has lots of things to say and it's completely adorable to hear him babble on.  Just this week he has added the D to his vocabulary.  So we're just waiting on him to start associating us with the correct sounds - he says mama & dade but has not a clue what he's talking about.  Obviously - he's only 8 months old!  Anyhow.

He is still military crawling but he has to be pretty motivated to go after something.  He doesn't just move around unless he's got a reason.  The other morning - I was getting ready or making breakfast or something - came back in the living room and didn't see him.  He had crawled himself into the corner behind the chairs where his wooden ball maze thing was - he was chewing on the table leg.  Silly bug.

He LOVES when his Daddy comes home after work and no one can make him laugh like his Daddy.  "I gotta talk to you  Burnie" in a very high pitched voice gets him every time and he just giggles - love it!

This week marked another round of manic teething.  yay....not.  Poor guy hurts so bad and just cries if I put him down.  He wants to be held constantly, not that I blame him, but mommy has things to get done.  A couple times, while trying to get stuff out of his mouth, I touched the outside of his jaw/gums and he just squealed in pain.  Even one of the Sam's Club employees could see how swollen his gums were.  No good.  There better teeth at the end of this.  Grandaddy is already talking about having to get him some dentures...haha!  Atleast they'd be straight pretty & white then....

He loves to be outside (but only if being held).  A couple of  times during the day when nothing inside would make him happy, we just sat on the stoop and he watched the cars go by and stared at the trees.  Perfectly content.  Such a sweet boy.

On a completely different note - please think good thoughts about my summer school schedule - if the stars don't align PERFECTLY - I will not be starting nursing school in the fall and that's just bad news bears.  Might as well eat worms.  haha  But seriously - PERFECTLY or not at all... ugh.

Maybe I can figure out why the blog hates me today and get the other cutesy pics up - weird.


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