Monday, April 25, 2011


Easter was a super lot of fun this year.  William did actually notice that there were things in his Easter basket.  it took a little coaxing for him to not be so focused on breakfast, but once he saw it, he was all about it.  And lucky for us, he woke up early.  We were headed to early church, so it was in everyone's best interest for the basket to not go past 7:30 at the absolute latest.  And we made it.  Easy cheesey.  We were even early for church.  ha!

William was a pretty big fan of the chickie eggs - but I'm 100% certain it had everything to do with the gummie treats inside.  No idea why they needed to be lined up for him to eat them.  Candy at 7:15am. Brilliant.

Hmmm...what to play with next?

I've been trying to teach him how to puff his cheeks and then hit them with his hands to force the air out.

He thinks it's hilarious when I do it - but he hasn't quite figured out the part about blowing up his cheeks with air...  one day  

After church, we picked up William from the nursery.  He had insisted on wearing his "sun shades" into church, and apparently never took them off - because he was still way too cool when we picked him up.  I think he was a little traumatized from being dropped off to nursery, he didn't want to go in B&B's Sunday school room but he'll be fine.  He's just playing possum anyway I think, because he was playing happily by himself when I walked in the room.  After he charmed everyone in the hall with his curly hair, slick sun shades, and plain silliness - we went down to the garden for family pictures, like we do every year.  The garden is broken up with brick pathways and William thought they were made just for him.  He loves to "stay on the path" and he just ran up and down.  It was more than a little difficult to get him to stand or sit still to take a picture.  I think we eeked out some good ones though.... It was so much easier last year though...

I can't believe he's actually looking at the camera!

Could his eyes be any bluer?  I swear I didn't edit them.  I added some shadows because the picture was a little flat - but I didn't touch those baby blues!!  Such a beautiful boy!

Out of three tries, this is the best one.  And we've now decided that William looking at the camera, and god forbid smiling, is just a happy bonus - otherwise, we'd have no good pictures!

This type picture gets me every time.  So sweet.

We then headed home, so Sam and I could change clothes and William could hunt eggs!  At some point during the week, Lola had discovered that the plastic eggs held Reece's pieces and devoured about a third of what I had put together.  There were still PLENTY left for William to hunt in our tiny yard with his tiny basket - so no harm no foul.  We tried to get William to use a larger basket, but he insists on this one that my mom made.  Fine with me - just means that we have to follow after him because he wants to fill it up and then try and walk around holding it by one side...  He did pretty good hunting eggs - until he discovered there were candy inside of them.  And then it was over.  He just wanted to open them, spill the candies into the grass, search for them, and then he *might* have eaten them when mommy and daddy *weren't looking*.  Because who lets their kid eat candy off the ground?! ha!!  Anyhow - by the time he was done and we were changed and a bag full of toys, Hilbert, and snacks was packed - it was time to go to B&B's for lunch and playing.

10-12 eggs in and he discovers that there is something inside of the eggs

All egg hunting came to an abrupt halt at this point.  It wouldn't be Easter without a serious sugar high I suppose.

As soon as he got out of the car at B&B's he was off and running.  Bill and Tasha had literally just finished hiding the eggs - so immediately we handed him his basket and off he went.  He had the cutest habit of seeing an egg - pointing at it - and then running in the opposite direction to pick up another different egg.  It was hilarious.  Sam's uncle seemed to think that William had no idea what he was doing - I think he knew exactly what was going on and he likes to make people laugh.  Plus, he always came back and picked it up - it was just too exciting to pause for the moment to pick the egg up and who can blame him?! ha!  So he ran and ran and ran.  I swear, the kid doesn't know how to walk, he just runs.  We didn't even make it inside the house for the better part of an hour because he was so intent on playing.  And then he remembered that there was a riding firetruck - so we played outside some more.  He's getting really efficient at propelling himself on it too.  Guess he was just waiting on his legs to grow a bit.

Rumer Family Picture.  William smiled!!

Mini Rumer Family Picture.  William wouldn't even look at the camera.

It was a gorgeous wonderful weekend and a great Easter Sunday.  Couldn't have asked for more.

On a quick baby note - I got very seriously "punched" by the new baby late Saturday night.  Could not possibly be mistaken for anything else.  I was hanging out with a friend, much much much too late, and then out of nowhere got hit from the inside and it caught me super surprise.  She thought something was wrong by my reaction but I was just caught off-guard and a little shocked.  I don't remember so distinctly feeling William this early.  It was fun.  Kinda can't wait until it's a daily occurrence.  But by that point, I'll probably be whining about it a little... haha.


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