Wednesday, April 13, 2011

So much to remember

I know that lots of things have happened.  Really truly adorable things.  Maybe I should read my own blog to remind me where I left off...  Seriously - what is it about sitting down to finally catch up on post writing that makes it impossible to remember anything about the previous week and a half.  It's not fair.  The only thing I can think of is what has happened in the past two days.  And while I could certainly fill up a post about that, because, let's face it, my kid is pretty much the most entertaining being to hit all of your lives - ha! - there were probably hundreds of amusing things that happened last week.  I just can't think of any of them.  Oh well.  Guess you're out of luck for the most part.  My B.

happy naked boy in the tub

I do remember (because there is a picture to jog my memory) that the kid loves bath time.  He now immediately runs to the tub and then to his room to get naked at the first mention of bath time.  And then, once his dirty clothes have been put in the hamper and his diaper has been discarded, he RUNS naked to the bathroom and tries to climb in the tub all by himself.  Good thing he's not big enough for that one, because he often beats us in there.  Bubble baths are a humongous hit of course.  Yesterday, he was scooping up the bubbles with a shovel to put into the green & yellow cups.  Very serious work.  He also thinks it's funny to pretend to go night-night in the tub by laying down and cuddling with the washcloth.  He bent over one day to grab a toy that was between his legs and accidentally stuck most of his head in the water trying to get it - hilarious - he didn't really think so though.  He was very confused about the whole thing.

dancing with daddy - not sure he's got the concept of a dip yet though

We went up to the mountains this weekend (ie - my parent's house) to help with some major yardwork that Sara wanted done for her birthday.   Well, first - I didn't think there was going to be any yardwork unless all five kids were there (there were three of us plus Lainey & Sam)... second - I thought cleaning up the landscaping island meant simple weeding.....third - I'm really glad Sam decided to pack my tennis shoes even though I hadn't originally put them in my pile.  So - Saturday morning after biscuits we got to work.  I'm not sure I was very good for much.  The pitch fork was pretty heavy for a pregnant woman with no core strength to be using - so that was passed off pretty quickly.  I did rake down some of the cut down pieces of plants - but mostly I was on baby duty.  Which was fine.  He had stayed up WAY past his bedtime the night before - so he was a tad clingy and someone had to make sure that he didn't end up in the pond or in the horse pasture or running in the road.  That was a full time job.

can you tell how big William is smiling?  melt...

The manual labor didn't take too long - only maybe 2-3 hours and it was all done.  A humongous heap at the burn pile to show for it and Sara was very pleased to be able to see daylight through the trees and bushes we didn't cut down.  Happy to make her happy.  But it was much nicer to spend family time in flip flops.  Just saying.

waiting on breakfast with some serious bed head hair

William LOVES everything about being up there - but mainly the Moo Cows.  We usually end up visiting them as soon as we can find a moment.  Friday night they were being especially friendly and actually came right up to the gate to say hello to him.  Of course, we didn't bring the camera with us because we thought that we'd be able to get a great picture the rest of the weekend.  Nope.  The cows decided they had had enough of us and our non-treat brining hands.  Oh well.  There were horses to see.

petting Shake and getting nuzzled by Jake

He also loved petting the horses.  And he wasn't scared of them.  Granted - someone was always holding him and he was incredibly hesitant about sitting on Jake - but he did really really good.  Even helped mommy feed them carrots on Sunday.  Though - he didn't appreciate Shakes greedy lips grazing his hand.  He pulled back in a hurry.  The horses were good sports to put up with him.

not so sure about riding Jake

The weekend was over just as quickly as it started and we were back home and back to work much too soon.    I will try to write down and remember the cute things that he's done in the past three days and blog about that later this week.  I know - crazy - I MIGHT get my act together enough to blog  TWICE in one week.  Lofty goals.  Don't hold your breath.  But I'm going to try and stay on track because there is going to be an Easter Egg hunt at a friend's house this weekend that I am sure will be blog worthy....

we should seriously start INSISTING that camera people stand on or above our level - down the hill is not a good angle for anyone...  oh well.  Cute family picture anyway - just not going to end up in a frame....just saying ;)


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