Sunday, April 17, 2011

A little late.

I know, I know.  I was supposed to do a post before today - but I failed.  I decided to take a couple of three hours naps to try and kick whatever sickness is trying to get me.  It's only slightly working, but I'm enjoying the extra sleep even if I get sick.

Easter Eggstravaganza at the Hortsman's 

The biggest news of the week is that we are THIS close to being done with pacis.  The tantrums were getting out of control if he didn't get one when he deemed it time and WE. WERE. DONE. WITH. THE. EPIC. TANTRUMS.  I don't remember what day we started, but it began with large holes poked in them and now we are down to the plastic nubs being almost totally gone.  I'm a little surprised at how he can still manage to put them in his mouth - I think it involves precise teeth placement.  The weaning hasn't been without tears and fussing, but we're getting there.  Poor guy.

He slowly started to realize what the game was about - we didn't bring a big enough basket...

I personally didn't care if he had a paci until he was in kindergarten, as long as he didn't throw a  tantrum if he didn't get one the instant we got home from work/school.  But oh well.  I actually had someone tell me several months ago, that him having a paci was a "flaw".  Oh - she's lucky that I almost never stand up for myself in the way I probably should, and try to let things roll off in the moment.  (Now - Sam got an earful about when we got home - but she didn't hear a word)  Because, quite frankly, who cares if my kid wants his paci?!  It made him happy and calmed him down and goodness knows he was probably stressed out in his own little kid way - changing to a toddler room can be a big deal...!  And I won't even get into what I believe are her kid's "flaws" - because that wouldn't be nice and all kids are different and all parenting styles are different.... blah blah blah.  But  I think we parent the best.  haha! ;)  moving off the soap box now...thank you for indulging.

Cutest boy ever.  Doesn't hurt that his momma makes his clothes... :)

So yeah - I'll let you know when he no longer asks for his MeeMee or Paa.  Should be interesting in the next couple days when he can't even get a nub to stay in his mouth.  I foresee legos making a comeback.  ha.

A pink one!!!  Those stood out easily in the grass!

I forgot to mention it, but a couple weeks ago during bath time - he very clearly stated "I Get Clean".  Might've been the cutest thing ever.  And we had forgotten that he had already had a first sentence (Mama, Eat Eat Now) but at the time - we were all so proud again.  Not bad for a second sentence I guess.  And since he almost never puts words together - I think it is still momentous.  And very cute.  And not to be repeated.  Even with prompting.  He is going to be 5 years old before he uses all the words I know he knows.  But he will still be brilliant and successful.  Plenty of kids are late talkers.  Atleast, that's what I keep telling myself....  Obviously, I need to work harder at believing it.

He also quickly discovered that there was candy inside of the eggs

The other morning before school we had a Simon Says dance party.  A song came on the Wiggles, but it didn't last long enough for his taste, so I started singing and dancing.  And then when I would stop, William would mimic me - singing and everything.  100% adorable.  He went about 8 rounds - not bad for a kid with zero attention span.  Wish I had a camera crew following him at all times so we would have it on video... oh well... maybe I can try to commit this one to memory for over a week, without a note to remind me.  ;)

Happy boy hopped up on sugar  :)

He thinks he's Mr. Cool and wants to lean back and put his feet up on everything.  He will pull the little ottoman over to his green chair and straight relax.  Having a juice and cheese is just bonus.  He's such a cute little dork.

Told ya - he likes to be comfortable

Oh - and just a quick mention - we are officially in the terrible twos.  I don't know why they call it "TWOS" if it hits before then - but he can throw a tantrum with the best of them.  And he nows thinks hitting and throwing toys is an appropriate way of displaying his displeasure.  I know he's just frustrated because he can't tell us what he wants - but OMG - he hit me in the face with a lego train today - and IT HURT!!  We have a new timeout corner and he doesn't like it.  And I actually feel bad for him when he's in it because he usually just to crying even more hysterically and just wants me to comfort him.  But I'm pretty sure that's against the rules for a timeout corner.  I might need to read up on the correct protocol....  On that note...

The play porch is awesome - unless he decides to lock himself out there and "has" to knock to be let back in



Abby said...

Flaw my butt. No paci shame!!

My kid will have them forever...not because she needs them but because I think they are cute and can't stop buying them :)n

Abby said...

Edit: Not that she doesn't NOT need them, either. I honestly don't know what will happen when we try to take them away.

Sam said...

Good news Abby!! We have been 100% off the paci for three (maybe four) days now and it really hasn't been too terrible... He wakes up a little more during the night, but since I'm calling pregnant, Sam is getting up to refill his cup. Easy cheesey. :)


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