Sunday, April 3, 2011

Funny Pictures

I totally intended on composing a clever and inspiring blog post this weekend.  It didn't happen.  Instead, we turned the office into a playroom and somehow this meant that all the furniture we own had to be moved.  Including, but not limited to, really heavy armoires.  Well - not all the furniture - but it certainly felt that way during the fourth break I had to take while carrying the armoire from our bedroom to the living room.  But - the new playroom is awesome, despite the lack of flooring.  Yep, the floor is still concrete.  We're awesome like that.

BUT - there is a wonderful New To Us sleeper sofa that doesn't feel amazingly uncomfortable and the tv from our bedroom that was never able to be hooked to the cable because I couldn't physically reach that side of the house in the crawl space - is all hooked up and connected to the DVR.  So now I can watch Grey's Anatomy while Sam watches something else and we're all happy.  Oh - yeah - and there's lot of room for  toys.  Lots of room.  So now William kinda owns three rooms out of the whole house.  There are only eight rooms total...ha!

I'm waiting on Sam to return with zebra cakes - so here are funny William pictures.  Oh - and before I forget - William has become VERY helpful.  Remind me to expand on that later.

Rocking the shades with paci look - he's actually taken to calling his paci MeeMee - I have no idea where that came from

He usually loves to slide - not sure what's up with his posture

Always on the move - but he loves the rocking horse Grandaddy K brought down and left as a surprise in the shed - total awesomeness when I discovered that one!

There is not a single good valid reason why I let him run around outside basically naked except that I thought it was funny that he wanted his shoes on and thought that Sam needed to laugh with me.

I should really stop trying to take self-portraits of the two of us - never turns out...


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