Sunday, July 24, 2011

I heart cake

William is taking a nap and I really meant to do that too but obviously I'm not going to make it to the bed, so I might as well blog to get it off the to-do list.  And for the 70th time I really need to write down the funny things William says.  But I'll try and remember.

kids loves his bike - one inch taller and we're going to have to watch out!
and, in other news, it was like pulling teeth to get him out of his "woo woo truck" pjs...  he's just a little obsessed! haha!

My sweet darling friends through Patrick (and me) a baby shower on Sunday.  It was delicious.  No, seriously, I think I ate 20 pigs in a blanket.  And two cupcakes.  Should've taken a belly picture after that - ha!  I didn't bring my camera, so no pics right now, but it was wonderful.  My favorite people were there and we are so blessed to be surrounded by such great people............who understand how badly we need diapers! :)  Patrick will have his tush covered that is for sure!!  But really, I am so very very lucky.  Thanks ladies for everything, especially Ashley & Jess!!!  It was absolutely perfect!

how can you not absolutely adore the little boy with this face!  so happy and sweet all the time!  We are so so so lucky!!

Sam went to Toronto on Monday.  Super short trip but the fact that I really shouldn't be picking up William anymore complicates things quite a bit.  So, since my Daddy needed to bring down William's birthday present (custom built bookshelves) - him and Sara came Tuesday afternoon.  And lucky William got to leave school right after nap.  Gotta love that.  Even better?  I walked in, saw two bowls in the sink (confused me because I had busted my tail getting the house clean the night before and knew that I had only left a sippy cup in the sink), and  BOSTON CREME PIE in the fridge!!  Which was even more awesome, because I wasn't even going to bother making a cake this week with Sam not there.  Delicious!!  I just ate the last slice last night - yum yum.

enjoying a zebra cupcake from the shower - he liked the icing the best of course - he is MY son!!

Wednesday, they kept William home and I think they had a ball running errands and going to the farmer's market.  And again - I came home at lunch to a whole bunch of already cut fresh fruit - the week just kept getting better!  I think I'll let them come back...haha!!  They must've worn little William out, because he took almost a three hour nap and then it was playtime again.  I made scrambled dogs for dinner, but found out I'm the only one who likes them "scrambled"...oh well....guess it's a Columbus thing.  On that note - when exactly does your hometown change from the place you grew up in to the place you live in/your kids grew up in.... Random.... Maybe it doesn't ever change.  No offense to Columbus, but I prefer Cleveland - atleast until I need to go Target.  :)

cutest blue-eyed kid I know

Daddy & Sara left Thursday after taking him to school, but then it was Bill & Becky's turn.  Becky picked William up from school and they did their thing.  And super awesome news - Sam is so good at his job that he got to come home a whole day early - so he got to the house about the same time I did on Thursday!  We were super lowkey and just laid around watching all the tv on the dvr (since I didn't watch hardly any while he was gone) and went to bed way too late...  Well, if 10pm is late - which it is to me now and since this is my blog... haha!!

Ashley even got William a present - he was convinced it was a hat and made us all try it on.  Silly little William!!

William is a hoot and a half.  He wakes up every morning asking to watch Cars and for 'choc milk'.  He usually gets neither.  Sometimes chocolate milk, but I'm a little tired of his clothes being covered in it by the time we get to school.  This weekend we recorded some Thomas the Train and Chuggington episodes and now all we hear is "hom' on Mama - sit sit Mama - Choo choo Mama".... in that order.  (hom' on = c'mon  so cute!)  The best part is that occasionally he will watch the Choo Choos without having to sit in our lap, which is oh so sweet and I do love the snuggles, but it's not a whole lot of fun being trapped to the chair for 2 hours when there are a billion things that need to be done.

Snuggled in with Grandaddy K watching CARS for the gazillionith time I am sure.  

Things like....working on the nursery.  I have FINALLY managed to sew all of the crib bedding!!!  I don't know why, but I lost serious motivation after I ran out of white thread the last time I worked on it...over a month ago.  But it is done now and it is adorable.  Very simple as far as baby bedding goes - GASP - there's only one patterned fabric and a solid for the cording and ties.... oh no!  haha  but I love it.  There's a lot going on in a room that will house two boys, so I decided that simpler was better.  AND I finished Patrick's name picture for over his crib last night and Sam helped me hang it this morning.  It's so so so cute - two elephants, in blue & green gingham fabric, with his name in navy below.  I love it.  And working with Mod Podge for the first time wasn't that bad - though I was terrified that it wasn't going to dry clear.  Silly Meghan - of course it did.  There are a couple things I would do slightly differently, but we are thrilled with the results.  Sam is busy busy painting the bookcases - we are SO CLOSE!!  I promise to post pictures as soon as I won't be embarrassed by how it looks...

6.5 weeks left - Patrick better find some more room and hang on!!

So there you have it.  I am going to try and remember to write down more funny things so I don't have to just give a run-down of the week...I'm sure that was incredibly good for you for making it to the end!


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