Saturday, July 16, 2011

Not quite "done"

....but I think I'm finally willing to say that I am miserable.  (And not because of the heat, though, I suppose a heat index over 100 isn't exactly enjoyable.) No, the problem is that I am in a ridiculous amount of pain every time I walk, stand up, roll over on the couch/bed, get out of bed, lift one leg, pick up get the point.  I was really trying to avoid hitting this "place" but there you have it.  I am miserable.  Though, I by no means want this baby to come a day before September 7th, so I am not allowing myself to be "over being pregnant" just yet.  

Oh - did I mention that 9/7/2011 is when we are having baby Patrick?  I think I also forgot to mention (on the blog atleast) that the baby's name will be Patrick Crawford.  Wow - I've missed a lot...

I got several "twins" comments this week and even managed to pull a "quadruplets" one on Friday.  It's a very good thing that my self-esteem is not in any way tied to comments on my belly...  
Come November, however, it will be a different story....haha!!

On that note.  I also have full-fledged pregnancy brain - thank goodness for post-it notes and calendar reminders.  I'm pretty sure I wouldn't still have a job if post-its hadn't been invented.

We were bad and haven't taken any pictures of William this week, hopefully we will fix that this weekend.  Even though it's raining today - ick.  I have to keep reminding myself that I like the rain.  Just not on days when I had a lot of errands planned.  Guess it's time to find the umbrella - haven't had to look for that thing in ages!!!


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