Saturday, July 2, 2011

Simple fun

I realize that I probably say this atleast every other post, but I REALLY did mean to get to the computer and write on the blog before now.  Honestly, I've just been lazy.  I've spent a lot of time laying on the sofa trying to pretend that my entire body doesn't hurt from being pregnant.  Ok, entire body is a bit of an exaggeration - but seriously - I didn't hurt this bad with William.  Walking is painful on a good day and miserable on a bad day.  And much to William's dismay, I can't pick him up without paying for it for days.  He's really unhappy about that one.  We spent 28 full minutes trying to leave daycare on Monday afternoon because he wanted me to pick him up and I couldn't.  And then the Toddler director got involved, so even if I could pick him up - I then couldn't because I would the Mom who gives in to epic tantrums.  Oh - and awesome - we also saw my boss during the tantrum who had his almost always happy adorable 11 month old baby girl.  Great.  Atleast, it gave me something to talk to him about that wasn't related to data packets the next day... ha!  Though, sticking to my guns on Monday did mean that the next four days of pick-up went very smoothly.  He held my hand all the way with no complaint.  Sweet boy.

30 weeks pregnant....  people keep seeming surprised when I tell them I have two more months - not sure that is a good thing... haha!  

He has definitely gotten better about holding hands now.  Instead of it being an all out fight, he cooperates 99 out of 100 times.  Sometimes he even requests to hold hands.  Melt my heart.  It's funny though, because he still insists on carrying his juice, Hilbert, and a snack/truck/third object in his other hand.  And don't ask if you can help by holding Hilbert - he'll think you're stealing him - bad news bears.  We don't go anywhere without Hilbert.  And all his teachers at school (and some teachers who aren't his) know Hilbert's name.  He's very popular.

Getting used to the sprinkler

I don't know if I mentioned this before, I definitely meant to, but William is now playing pretend often.  We caught him giving Hilbert and his Dog milk the other week in the car.  SO CUTE!  I wish I had a video pointed at him at all times.  He was feeding them - it was adorable.  Now, yes, he's been pretending that his high chair was a car for months and months now - but it's different now somehow.  There are plenty of other examples I can't think of right this second, but this has got to be some kind of milestone right?  Either way, I think it's cool that he's using his imagination.

His new favorite face - sucking in his top lip....sometimes he gets crazy and bites on his bottom lip though... or puts three fingers in his mouth  ... who knows?!

We've been consciously trying to let him watch less tv.  Definitely under an hour a day for sure.  Not that I am terribly concerned about "screen time" but I suppose at some point I must have read some article that put it in the front of my brain, so instead of just leaving it on Sprout all day, we only turn on the tv a little in the morning to watch Sesame Street/The Wiggles before school while I try and get ready in much less time than most women take and occasionally in the evening if nothing is making him happy while dinner is being made.


We are also eating Family Dinners at the dining room table every night.  Which makes me BEYOND happy.  We made the commitment awhile ago, I don't even remember when, but it's been so nice.  William helps set the table (wipeable placemats) and put drinks (sippy cups and water bottles) on the table and then we sit and eat.  And talk.  It's glorious.  And I really think William is eating a little more than he used to.  Or atleast he's a little more focused.  Well, sometimes anyway.  About half the time it takes him awhile to warm up to dinner - so a lot of time he sits down, looks at his plate, pushes it away and says All Gone without even putting anything on his fork.  He really enjoys eating using the Airplane from Daddy - so that gets used often to get him to eat.  And we've started trying to "hide" the vegetables.  Which Sam pointed out this evening, might be why my parents made so many casseroles.... because we totally hid spinach in between sausage and potatoes tonight.  It was delicious - for a casserole.... haha!

Decided he needed a break from getting water in his face.

He is really starting to talk.  Lots of words and sentences and thoughts.  We are loving it.  There is still a lot of jibberish and words that we don't understand, but we are getting pretty good at deciphering what he means.  The most used phrase is probably More Juice.  Kid drank 2 cups of milk and 4 cups of juice before lunch today.  Just a mild addiction to beverages.  No big deal.... right?! ha!  He didn't like it when I refilled his juice with water after nap this afternoon.  He picked up on the difference pretty quickly.  Atleast the juice is 50% water.  That makes me feel a little better.

Playing with the truck is worth getting a little more wet apparently

He is going to spend the week with my Dad & Sara next week after the Fourth.  They were going to take him earlier, but I really wanted to take him to see fireworks with us - so Daddy & Sara are going to be here for a day or two and I'm looking forward to it.  I like them.  They're good people and even better parents.  William is going to have a blast up in the mountains for a week.  Sara is even off work (I think) - so it will be nonstop fun.  Lots of swimming in the pond, feeding the horses, and visiting the cows.  Sam and I are going to be at a loss all week.  Our morning routine is going to be ALL kinds of thrown off and what in the world are we supposed to do when we get home when we aren't rushing to get dinner on the table by 6 and kiddo bathed and into bed by 7?!!!!  Craziness!!!

Daddy is the most fun!!!!

We went to a super fun birthday party last weekend for a cute little Will that was turning 1 and his parents went awesome crazy with the backyard water fun.  They had a couple blowup pools, sprinklers, water tables, slides set up and William loved every minute of it (once he warmed up to there being lots of kids he didn't know).  So it pretty much sent me into overdrive about getting William a pool.  I've been debating for over month now, and he had so much fun, that I told Sam that we would really need to look at it after payday.  Well, payday came, and so did the bills - fun fun.  And it turned out, that it was probably a better idea to buy groceries instead of a pool.  And what is it about walking in the store with the full intent on being satisfied by the $10 pool and then desperately wanting the super awesome sprinkling, sliding pool that's $30.  It also occurred to us that we don't have an air pump - so Sam would be blue in the face after making any of them work.... (he thinks there might be one in the shed...I'm not so sure)  But either way, Sam pretty much vetoed the idea when he saw me starting to get physically sick from considering it.  And then he has the bright idea - we have a whirly circle sprinkler that we use to water the yard and we could just set that up and see if he likes it.  HE DID!!  We all put on our bathing suits and played in the front yard.  Oh yes - me and all of my pregnant glory in the front yard - thank goodness we live on a hill well out of the line of sight of most people driving by! ha!!  But the point is - William had a great time!!!  So silly of me to worry about not being a good mom because I didn't buy my kid a blow up pool in the middle of the summer when it's really simple things that actually matter.  That will be my light bulb moment of the day.  Hope you enjoyed it.  :)

Hopefully we can convince William to stay up and be happy until Fireworks start on Monday night.  I'm dying to know what he thinks of them.  OH!  And one last random note - William is sitting in his booster seat for dinner with no fussing!!  So much better to have that out then the honking high chair hidden behind a door.  It's great!!!  Such a big boy.


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