Sunday, July 31, 2011

Funny William

Wow -  I can't believe it - on Wednesday we will have a two year old.  Insane.  Though, we've been feeling the "TWOS" already - hello tantrums!!!  But he's actually started to calm down with them just a bit, so we'll see.  Most of the time he just fake tantrums - which is actually pretty amusing - but we can't tell him that.  He will THROW himself on the floor and cry in to the rug.  Hilarious!  We just walk away and wait for him to stop.

I was good this weekend and wrote down funny things that William has done - so  this will hopefully be more interesting than....ahem.....the previous post.

About maybe 50% of the time he will say "Please" without being prompted, and maybe 25% of the rest of the time we only have to ask "what do you we say?" "what's the magic word?" to get him to say Please.  So we are making progress in the manners department.  We are still working on "Thank you" - most of the time he just stares and maybe smiles when he's supposed to say Thank you and whatever he IS saying when he decides to say it sounds NOTHING like "Thank you" - it's just a two syllable sound...  But we count it.  I feel like acquiring manners is going to be a long road.  Fun fun.

He LOVES to make us laugh.  We were at the table eating dinner and he started hitting his head with the sippy cup.  We tried REALLY hard not to giggle, but he must've caught a sliver of a smile so he kept going, and it was all downhill from there.  All three of us were laughing loudly and he was ridiculously proud of himself.  Thank goodness for relatively soft plastic or he would've had an egg on his forehead I am sure.  Silly bug.

Last Sunday, during breakfast, William was being a pill.  An absolute ugly nightmare of a little boy.  What we do in these situations is ask him if he wants to go sit in the sad corner.  We keep a William-sized chair in the corner by the front door and that's "time-out."  Usually, he says "no" and changes his behavior.  This morning the answer was "uh-huh".  Sam and I just looked at each other and then said, "well, I guess you're going to the corner then."  And he just sat there like it was no big deal.  The TV wasn't on, there's no toys for him to play with.  He just sat there - no crying whatsoever.  Sam told him to say he was sorry and to give a hug and he could come back to the table.. he did.. we carry on with breakfast.  90 seconds later he's back to being ugly, we ask him if he wants to go to the corner, he says "uh-huh" again.  This time we turn the chair to face the corner....he plays with the handles on the armoire drawers.  Goodness.  He comes back to the table.  Still refuses to eat and is throwing food and being ugly.  We got smart this time.  This time he went to the corner in the dining room behind the swing door and stared at the wall.  He did not enjoy this time-out.  Ha!  The parents finally won!  I don't think he ate breakfast, but atleast he didn't ask to sit in time-out for the rest of the morning either!!

We went to B&B's on Sunday afternoon so Sam could help program their Direct TV DVR and one of William's favorite "activities" is watering.  Usually they stick to the herb/tomato garden, but apparently they also made it up to the flower beds.  I hadn't wanted him going outside at all really because it was a zillion degrees, but he kept insisting, so I pretended that they would keep him in the shade.  Well, Sam went to work on the DVR, I sat in the club chair getting beat on from the inside, and 30-45 minutes later realize that they are still outside.  What?!  Sam finally locates Bill & William and Bill says "I think I messed up" and I hear Becky yell "He's wet".  I walk over there and the kid has turned the hose - not on the flowers - but directly on him.  Good lord.  He wasn't in water shoes - he was in leather stride rites.  ugh.  I'm not mad - I just wanted to take his shoes/clothes off and he could continue to play.  William didn't like that.  He MUST have his shoes on, MUST have his SHIRT on, etc.  So all the fun ended in a tantrum and us taking him home in pjs that had been left at the house.  He had a good time and the shoes FINALLY dried out.  No harm no foul I suppose.

William came home from school with a new favorite phrase:  "I funny".  He repeats it constantly - it's one of the cutest things ever.  "Mama, I funny"  "Yes you are funny baby"  I love this kid.

He will only kiss Burnie on demand.  And Burnie is being mostly tolerant, which is a huge stretch for the evil cougar cat.  She lets him pat on her and rub her and kiss her nose.  It's really adorable.  Now if William would just give me kisses on demand - life would be grand.

The kiddo LITERALLY wakes up every morning and says two things:  "Mo' Choc Melk?"  "I watch Choo Choo"  It's kinda ridiculous.  He's hooked on Chuggington.  We downloaded a bunch of episodes and it is all he talks about.  So much for only an hour of screen time.  It's now pulling teeth to get him to play in his room without a massive tantrum about no Choo-Choos.  Kinda sweet that he likes them so much, but not really.  And he's watching CARS with Sam right now for the second time this weekend.  Yesterday I got the honors. We're going to have to get more kid friendly movies I guess.  I just hate that he's spending all this time watching tv/movies, but it's too hot to play outside unless we go at 8am and then all the playground equipment is dewy, that's no fun either.  Maybe I should stop worrying about it so much.  As long as we don't bring in video games to the house, I will probably still consider myself a success.  Cars will lose it's luster ONE games just grow older with the kid.  Not interested.  Just a personal thing - my parents didn't let us have video games and we turned out just fine and had plenty to occupy us - easy cheesey.  Anyhow.

We were terrible parents and didn't take any pictures this week.  Well, I took one yesterday of William & Sam with their sunglasses on, but I'm not going to the trouble of downloading, etc. for ONE picture.  There will be more than enough next week - BIRTHDAY BIRTHDAY BIRTHDAY!!!!


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