Friday, October 7, 2011

Another one?!

Hmm...where to start.  Not necessarily at the beginning, but yet again, wee wittle william has an ear infection.  Maybe that has contributed to his especially "aweseome" mood over the weekend, but when his cough hadn't budged, even with medicine, after a week - I called and made him an appointment.  The last time he had a cough that didn't go away - it was double ear infection - so I'm counting him lucky that it's only one ear this time.  And he likes the medicine, so it's no big deal.  But do they allow two year olds to get tubes?  Because if so, it needs to happen this year because I'm sure we'll hit our deductible by the time the hospital gets around to billing us.  Though, I'm in no hurry to see that one.  Happy to live content in denial.

He finally sat in his chair and watched a movie all by himself on Sunday morning - it was chilly - he wanted a blanket.

This past weekend was insanely gorgeous.  Cooler temps are kinda awesome.  We spent almost all weekend outside.  We went to the park several times - William loved that of course.  He ran and ran and played on the slides.  He's getting so independent.  He climbs the ladder like thing all by himself - doesn't want you to touch him.  I'm so proud and insanely nervous at the same time.  He's getting to be such a big boy...  Patrick and I chilled on benches while Sam and William ran around.

October = Halloween shirts 

We also let him run at B&B's on always.  He did get in trouble out there though.  He pushed his woo woo truck down the hill into the woods after Daddy had told him no.  I guess he thought he could get away with it since Sam was just out of sight, but I knew he wasn't supposed to be doing that - so I scolded him and told him to go tell his Daddy what he did.... while I went and retrieved the truck.  He said "Ok" and then got put on the front stairs while Sam talked to him.  It's always a a little embarassing having to discipline him in front of our parents - like we're constantly being judged on how we handle situations - I think we probably do a pretty good job most of the time but I still don't like it.  Anyhow, William came and apoligized to me and gave me a hug and then ran up the driveway like a crazy kid.

He loves the swing - especially the mirror and spinning bugs & birds

I know I just posted that Patrick was on a 2.5/3 hour schedule during the day - but he seems to have moved it to 2 hours.  Eat, awake an hour, sleep an hour = repeat ad nauseum.  Which is totally fine with me.  I think  I would be an excellent hermit and don't feel the need to leave the house (ie: get out of my pajamas) but I do have a JoAnn's trip planned for Friday (SALE!!)... so we'll see how that schedule works then...I'm not holding my breath for good times.

Patrick looked so cute we had a spontaneous photoshoot this week

There are moments when I swear he looks EXACTLY like William and then more moments when he looks more like only himself.  Just makes me giggle inside and anxiously await him growing up and seeing what he looks like when he's a "big" boy.  And we still have no idea whether his hair will be red or not.  There's still not enough to judge (no surprise - we make bald cutie patootie babies) and some people keep saying there's no red - only blonde - and I'm ignoring those people.  On a hair related note - William needs another haircut. I swear Sam has put him on his schedule (one a month) and it's killing me.  And not only because the experience is less than enjoyable since he just screams the entire time.  Oh well.  He is very handsome for the week and a half when his hair is short and not quite so curly.  But I love those curls.  I secretly (and now not so secretly) hope that the curls stay and he wants to grow it out and have some kind of  'fro when he's older.  I don't think Sam will allow it though....

So funny how he puts his hands together

I know I've said it before, but I'm going to say it again because it amazes us every time, William's vocabulary and language skills are expanding so fast.  It's remarkable (though probably absolutely normal.. haha)  Funny sentence of the week:  He wanted to be buckled into his booster seat to eat pizza last night, so I bend over to grab the straps and he points to my boobs and says "Baby eat that".  Apparently he HAS been paying attention.  Such a funny little boy - though I'm kinda glad he won't remember, but now I've put in on the internet - so it will live forever.  Brilliant.

Pretty Baby Blues

Patrick seems to have chosen 4am as his optimal fussy and awake time to quickly drive mommy and daddy crazy.  It's not cool and it's been atleast two days in row (probably more but I can't remember because we aren't sleeping).  I will google about it later...yet again.  Seriously - we are relearning how to parent a newborn.  No one told us THAT either.  That just because you've had a child before doesn't mean that you will know what to do for everything.  Every child is different.  THAT they tell you but I thought it applied more to discipline strategies - never occurred to me that I would be googling fussiness at specific times...since William was just fussy ALL the time...   Live and learn I guess.

Gotta love those chubby cheeks

Until next week....


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