Thursday, October 13, 2011

It's taken days...

I have a feeling that posts are going to be less and less cohesive.  I've been working on this post since Monday.  I fill in a couple paragraphs a day, try to remember to take pictures so I can plug them in, and eventually (hopefully...obviously) I'll get this published.  So bear with me.  It's probably going to seem like I jump around a lot.  Because I am.  :)

"hugging" the baby

William is becoming very aware of the goings on in his diaper.  He now tells us when he goes poo-poo and if his diaper is off he will tell us he wants to tee-tee.  He is very interested in the potty but doesn't quite use it yet.  I think we are going to have to go ahead and start potty training.  Atleast a little bit.  Like buy a kid sized seat for the potty since I'm sure he still hates the mini-potty.  Because of the super strong antibiotic he is on for his ear infection he has been having two humongo blowout diapers a day.  On Sunday he walked up to us and said "I poo-poo it hurt" - poor guy.

the closest we could get to having them take a picture together in their matching outfits

Patrick is starting to coo.  Cutest thing ever.  He just lays on his playmat/blanket and moves his arms and legs from side to side and "talks" to himself.  Can't wait until it turns to jibberjabber, to words, to sentences, to conversations with William.  THAT will be amusing!

another attempt to have the boys together in a picture - notice we are minus one of them....

Patrick slept 7 whole hours Saturday night!!! (October 8th)  It was amazing.  And he probably would've gone longer, but when Sam woke up at 4am and realized that he hadn't eaten in 8 hours, he woke him up to eat.  I was actually dreaming (and kinda confused when he woke us up) so I just went with it.  Next time - we will just let him sleep because he then followed it by being awake for an hour and forty-five+ minutes.  But I will gladly wake up at 4 am if he will sleep like that.  Unfortunately, Sunday night we were back to our normal schedule, which was also fine, just not magical.  haha!  (UPDATE:  he also slept nearly 8.5 hours on October 11th!!)

we have been working on getting him to brush his teeth - all it took was a new book!  It's a Pony & his Daddy brushing their teeth, so now every night Sam has to brush his teeth with William.

We went to a birthday party Saturday afternoon for a sweet little 2 year old boy.  Love love his momma!!  She's hilarious and awesome and William loves them for their backyard complete with a playground, trucks, and a hill to throw the trucks down.  We walked in behind two other familes and A's dad was the greeting party at the door.  The other kids were sticking with their moms, but William walks in two paces in front of us and very happily throws up his hand and tells Mr. C "HI!!!" and keeps going to the back.  Hilarious!  Here comes the need for the stranger danger conversation again at some point, but I was so proud that he was being friendly and not shy.  And the good mood continued all the way until 7:30.  He played by himself and 'around' others - he didn't really KNOW any of the other children - and it was adorable.  He even climbed up the ladder by himself to the slide - again - made me nervous but he's getting so big and I should just let go a bit.  When it was cake time, there were cupcakes and also a cake cake.  I asked him if he wanted a cupcake or a piece of cake, he said "piece", so I got him to sit at the picnic table and I went to the cake.  While I was waiting, one of the moms was trying to give him a cupcake (because he was sitting so nice and didn't have anything in front of him) and he was going on and on "No No" - we have a VERY specific child on our hands.  He ate about half the cake and then he ran off to play again.  So funny.  Oh, and Patrick slept through the whole party except for the twenty minutes that he ate.  I went inside to feed him on the sofa, and at the time there was NO ONE in the house.... yep, within FIVE minutes - I was basically surrounded but I don't think anyone got a peek.  Another Success if I say so myself.

He's gotten really excited about it and he wants to do it before putting on pj's...he goes running in the bathroom "I brush teeth, I wash teeth"  

I don't know if I mentioned it before, but Patrick is now on baby Zantac for reflux.  I did change my diet, cutting out dairy (except for cheese on my sandwich), and that seems to help a little bit, but the ZANTAC is what is really helping.  I was hoping to avoid giving him the medicine if possible, but after one too many fussy feedings I gave in.  And it's funny, now if he doesn't get it when he's supposed to and I remember in the middle of the feeding to give it to him - he'll be fussy for the first part and then finish happily.  So I cede the point - he needs the Zantac.  I'm still off dairy just for good measure, atleast I am no longer drinking milk and eating cereal.  Cheese on the other hand, that's too difficult.  I just realized that there is going to be a lot of cream cheese in dinner and I'm not changing those best of luck to me. ha!  I've also cut out practically all caffeine (I mean, I'm not going to let a Starbucks gift card go to waste...!) and carbonated beverages, except for the occasional root beer on the weekends.  Don't know if it bothered him a whole lot, but at some point I thought that might be the problem and I don't mind drinking water and tea.

all that "arguing" over getting him to brush his teeth and all we had to do was buy a book...  We definitely need to go find the potty book in his room now if it's THAT easy! ha!

Patrick and I are starting to workout.  Don't tell my doctor.  I don't officially have the all-clear....  Last week I took both the boys running at 6am while Sam got ready for work and today Patrick and I tempted the rain and went running at the Riverwalk.  We got a little wet at the end, but he slept through the whole thing, which was great, since he was screaming and crying in the car on the way down.  I'm not fast by any means, and I'm not even able to run the whole time, but hopefully it will work and get the rest of the baby weight off and give me my body back.  I'm tired of being squishy and just couldn't bear to wait another week to get the ok.  If I start hurting bad or bleeding, I'll stop - so, parents, go ahead and stop worrying. :)  I'm good.

Patrick had a BIG time playing on his mat while I took a shower

William is beginning to give "real" kisses but you have to ask for them.  And they're usually accompanied by a BIG hug...I got knocked over this morning before he went out the door to go to school.  Last night during Daddy's turn to sing William just gave him kiss after kiss during the whole song - quite possibly the most adorable thing ever.  Sam could hardly get through the whole song he was smiling so  big.  When it was my turn to sing,  I didn't get any kisses but he did snuggle in.  He's such a sweet boy.  I'm already starting to dread the day when he decides he is too big for kisses and hugs...

standing and playing with Daddy during lunch

Sam walked in to his classroom last week and there was a floating teacher holding William.  Turns out that William got upset when a friend wouldn't move out of his way as he asked and he pushed him...something something something.....William got upset.  Ms. Phyllis, his normal teacher, was happy to explain to the floater that she doesn't know William enough (in a nice/funny way of course) and that he's a little bossy.  If something doesn't happen the way he wants, he makes it happen.  I'm glad that he's a go-getter, but I really hope he doesn't turn out to be a bully.  I'm banking on this just being a phase of TWO and when all the kids are a little older, he won't push them out of the way or hit them for taking a toy.  Though, quite frankly, if you steal a toy out of a child's hands, you deserve to be smacked.  Just saying.

I love this outfit... but I totally thought it was a bus all day - nope it's a Firetruck

So, the boobs hurt again.  Well, really, only one.  I don't get it.  We'll have a day or two of wonderful painfree nursing and then BAM, we're back to hurtville.  This morning (october 13th) I had finally had enough and decided to just pump while he was sleeping and I would give him a bottle.  Apparently, he has determined that I am only good as boobs and literally refused to take a bottle.  So I gave him the good side, but I was half convinced that there wouldn't be any milk because I had just pumped.... He managed to nurse for 15 or 20 minutes and there was most certainly milk at some point because he was making a mess.  But then he was still acting hungry/fussy/upset about something so I tried to give him the bottle again.  No Go.  So I gave him the bad side and just prayed.  He was still fussy and only put up with it for about 5 minutes.  I'm thinking the fussy meant that he wasn't actually hungry.... any suggestions because he pulls this kind of stuff frequently?  I spend 24 hours a day worrying about whether he is eating enough, getting enough milk, if his latch is what it's supposed to's a full-time job.  I am not a "worrying" kind of person usually.  I stress about money, but that's pretty much it.  Everything else I can usually let go of - but this whole breastfeeding thing makes me a little nuts.  I just want to be good at it and it is so much stinking work and I don't know how to be better.  Ok..moving on.  The point was - Patrick refuses a bottle when he knows I have boobs.  haha!!


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