Saturday, October 29, 2011

It's a Zoo

I know I know... I should've posted about the zoo much sooner...

Last Friday we went to the zoo.  We had bought tickets on Groupon and planned to go during my maternity leave when it wasn't so extremely hot.  We even talked my Dad into buying a ticket so he could come play.  Unfortunately the date we picked, Sam ended up being crazy busy at work so he couldn't go.  But that was good for my sister Meredith - because she got to use his ticket!!  And I am so glad she came - three adults versus two children was perfect!

I had intended to do all the packing the day before, but I think Patrick was having a slightly fussy day or something, because I didn't get anything done until after both boys went to bed.  Didn't seem like a problem at the time, I got all the food packed, juices and "shake milk" (chocolate milk) made, diaper bag prepared and everything by the front door.  The next morning went off easily, we were in the car and out of the driveway by 7:35 right on schedule, filled up at the gas station and off we went.  Easy cheesey.

Thirty miles later I realize that I didn't move the double stroller from the Xterra to the Fusion.  Good thing I had about 2.5 hours to get over the frustration from having to turn around.  Nevermind that my sweet dad was already in Atlanta by the time I left to avoid the Gwinnett traffic so he would be killing even MORE time. Ugh.  He's become pretty laid back in retirement - thank goodness.  I was fit to be tied.  Oh well.

We finally got there.  We load up the boys and the insane amount of blankets and toys into the stroller and walk in to the zoo.  I have to immediately feed Patrick, so Meredith and Daddy take William to the kids zone section, complete with a petting zoo and a TRAIN!  Daddy bought William an all day ticket to all rides - so he rode the train no less than 7 times - which is quite a feat considering we also saw all the animals.  The train conducters started to recognize us and didn't even ask to see his ticket after a couple runs.  He LOOVVEED it!

The other ride he rode was the carousel, but he was incredibly unsure about riding on the animals.  He clung to my Dad the one time - he much preferred going round and round in the benches.  It's not looking like he will be my rollercoaster buddy...I still have Patrick to hope for....

He wasn't as in to the animals as I thought he would be, or maybe I just have no idea because it seemed like I was always feeding, walking, doing something with Patrick.  I liked the gorillas.  They were fun to watch.  I remember when they were a BIG deal.  Willie B.  William did notice the panda, but he was sleeping of course.  So were the lions, which stinks because I was sure those were going to get a big reaction.  The most excited I saw him was when we saw the lemurs (?) and the sloths.  He went on and on about them in trees.  Funny boy.

The ride home was harder than the ride up.  Had to stop to feed Patrick several times it seemed, William only slept thirty minutes, and I was constantly picking up trains, juice, and toys.  No harm no foul though.  Fun was had by all - can't wait to do it again!

William picks and chooses when he wants to have his picture taken... He pretty much chose not to cooperate most of the day...  Oh well.


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