Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Happy Boys

It's not just me, when we picked William up this afternoon Ms. Breanna commented that he was talking ALL the time.  At the moment, he was chasing Jude around the playground trying to tell him BYE.  Jude thought it was hilarious.  I had a conversation with Emily about the bunny in her hand (I think she must have one as a pet and was playing pretend....?)

His Super Grandaddy & Nana always give him treats when he comes to visit.  Though, I'm pretty sure he walks in asking for either a cookie or the phone.

William is a ham.  That kid has finally discovered that we are taking pictures of HIM and he will cheese it up for us.  Which is perfectly adorable.  I'm loving it.  He usually decides to have his picture taken with a big wide open mouth smile - one of his most cute faces if I say so myself.  How'd I get so lucky?!

Happy Happy Boy

Atleast for this week, his two Elmo's have risen to the top of the list (just under Hilbert of course).  We have to talk him out of taking them to school every morning and he carries them around in the evening.  Last night, they had to sit with him to watch Dora, which is another obsession.  He wakes up saying "Dora Choo Choo" or "Dora Truck".  I swear we really don't let him watch that much tv, but when he does, he wants Dora.  And those two specific episodes.  Though, he can now say icecream truck and ditch because of it.  It's kind of interesting the words that he picks up.  Too bad he's not grabbing on the spanish she speaks - that would be impressive!!

Hanging with Mommy on the bench - the weather was so pretty over the weekend I think we went to the park three times and out to B&B's twice to play!

Patrick is getting so so strong and holding his head up really well.  We don't do a whole lot of "tummy time" (for shame - I know...) but he sleeps on his tummy (for shame again... I know...).  But he can lift his head off my shoulder very well and he loves to "stand" on our laps.  I have a feeling that he will be on the offensive line (or defensive) and William will be the running back in high school - and I will be a nervous wreck.  ha!

How cute is Mr. Halloween?!  Hads did the shirt and I made the pants.  He has another super adorable Halloween outfit as well, but he spit up on it before I could get a picture.

I have to say, that with all our (well documented at this point) difficulties and frustrations with breast feeding, we seem to have finally found our groove this week.  Knock on wood.  And it probably has more than a little to do with me letting go.  I quit keeping the notebook and I quit worrying about how long it had been since he last ate - whether it had been two hours or thirty minutes - I just let him eat when he's hungry.  He's been latching like a pro, not hurting me at all, and being kind of lovely about the whole thing.  I refuse to call it magical, but I will say that there have been some very relaxing moments and I never thought that would be possible.

The kid has learned to love the camera.  And quite frankly, if I was as cute as him, I would too.

William has definitely developed a jealous streak here recently.  I feel like I've mentioned this before... I can't remember.  I've decided that half of it is just him being two but the air kicking has increased and the screaming is getting louder when I especially can't hold him because I'm feeding the baby, etc.  He only takes his frustration out on us though, so that's good.  He's still wonderfully sweet to Patrick - still gives him kisses and hugs and wants to help all the time.  And putting him on the ottoman in front of me while I feed the baby (with Dora Choo Choo on the tv) seems to help with the tantrums.

He will point to Patrick if you ask him where his brother is.  

I have been running atleast three times a week so far for nearly two weeks.  It's been fun.  Hope I can stick with it after I go back to work.  It's easy to stay committed when I can go at 1:45 in the afternoon - we'll see how it happens when I have to go at 7:30 in the evening.  Though, the baby weight has to come off somehow.  I am having some serious sugar cravings though.  Apparently nine months of giving in to the Reese's Pieces will create an addiction that is incredibly hard to break.  Is there a rehab I can go to?

So in love with this little boy.

Friday I am taking the boys up to Atlanta to meet my Dad and sister at the zoo.  Sam can't go because of work - boo - but I'm REALLY looking forward to it.  We have been planning this for months - well, we bought the tickets on Groupon months ago anyhow.  William is going to love it.  I just hope I can get there by myself with both of them.  I'm going to feed the baby and then drive like the wind.  Really, I'll drive the speed limit, I can't bring myself to speed anymore.  Probably the hundreds of dollars in tickets I paid before I was 21.  Oh well.  It keeps the insurance costs down I think and maybe I enjoy a "scenic" drive.  haha!!  I'll be sure to take lots of pictures of William roaring at the lions.

Caught a small smirk of a smile!


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