Sunday, October 2, 2011

PCR Month One

We can't believe how quickly September has gone by - but if the weather will stay like it was this weekend - I'll take it!  But, seriously, it's been four weeks since Patrick was born, so it's time to start another "by the Numbers" for him.  Enjoy!

*Our pediatrician doesn't schedule a one month well check - so I'll guess and say that surely Patrick is atleast 10  lbs by now, if not MORE!  If our scale wasn't broken (I've got to find some really strange looking replacement batteries) I'd have a better idea...  And maybe he's a smidge taller - who knows.  If I break out the tape measure tomorrow I will provide an update. :)  He sure is looking bigger though, that's for sure!

* He is a breastfed baby.  He has gotten a couple bottles of formula when he was being entirely too fussy to eat and the pumped milk was still frozen or not available, but I'm not going to apologize for it.  He eats from me nearly exclusively.

*I am going to count September 30 as his first smile.  We were sitting in the chair, he was eating, and I was probably watching Law & Order, and he unlatched, took a breath and looked up at me and smiled.  Such a sweet little face.

*He has pretty good head control, and strong guy has been working on it since practically day one!  There is a picture of him just a few days old on Sam's shoulder practicing - and now he can hold it up for what seems like a really long time.

*Patrick has made many many trips to the outside world - Target is one of his favorites, as is the park.  Smart boy.

*All in all - he is a totally chill baby.  He is happy to be in his swing or on his playmat.  He doesn't want to be held 24/7 - it's the weirdest thing.  Sam and I are having to relearn how to parent an infant to a certain extent. We got really good at dealing with a super fussy baby, that a really relaxed one is throwing us for a loop.  It's a nice change of pace.

*Until he was 4 weeks old, he absolutely hated being swaddled.  He wanted his hands free.  Seriously, even in the hospital he didn't want to be swaddled tightly.  He would scream and cry if we locked his arms down.  We got a wild hair during a fussy feeding to try it again.  It worked.  Solved that problem and we even started swaddling him for bedtime and he sleeps REALLY well.  Success.  Unfortuantely, because he's such a big boy, the flannel receiving blankets aren't large enough.  Guess I'm going to Target.

*He is finally starting to keep a paci in his mouth for extended periods of time without spitting it out.  Now, if he could just keep his hands away from his face, we'd be in business.

*He prefers to sleep on his tummy just like his big brother.

*I'm pretty sure that he has two growth spurts.  The first one around 2.5-3 weeks that produced incredibly fussy feedings and I swear he started one today.  He's been eating every hour for the past 8 hours.

*Today excluded, his schedule usually looks like: nap all morning, awake a little bit more in the afternoon, cluster feeds in the early evening, bedtime is anywhere between 7-9 depending on how the day shaped up, and then up every 3-4 hours after that.

*Made his first road trip to Cleveland just before he was three weeks old.  He travels like a champ.

*He absolutely despises driving on Whittlesey.  I have no idea - it might be the sun in his eyes - but he screams every time I drive on that road.  I don't think I blame him - the traffic makes me want to cry as well.

*Newborn sized clothes only fit him for maybe 1.5-2 weeks at best.  I don't think newborn socks ever fit.  I'm going digging in the attic tomorrow for the 6-12 month socks to see if those will stay on his feet.

*Patrick is rocking Size 1 diapers.  And I can see the benefits of Pampers, I don't know how they do it, but it sucks the poop in.  Too bad we are a store brand kind of family... I am seriously enjoying the stash received from friends though!

*He prefers to be held upright, perched on a shoulder - especially if he's a little antsy.  And he loves to be jiggled and patted, but I'm not sure there is a baby out there who doesn't... anyhow....

*He usually burps in pairs and he spits up.  And we've learned not to rush to change a dirty diaper - he's usually got more coming.

That's all for now!!  One down, eleven to go - I'm sure it will all FLY by much too quickly!


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