Sunday, May 27, 2012

Water Sand and Beaches

Sam went in to William's room to give him more water last night and he said to him in a whispery sweet voice, "Sam.............Your name is Sam..........."  Sam replied "Yes it is baby, but you can call me Daddy."  tee hee.  If you ask William what his name is he will now repeat William Thomas Rumer VERY emphatically.  And a couple weeks ago - everyone's names were Mommy Thomas Rumer, Daddy Thomas Rumer, Tatrick Thomas Rumer.  Hilarious.

The waterpark opened last week at school.  We went for the opening party and then promptly forgot to bring water diapers and swim clothes this week.  We remembered one day, only to forget the next.  We couldn't get lucky and have the boys go on the same day - so four days of the week we have an opportunity to screw up succeed.  Yay for us.  William is a hoot to watch play in the water though.  He runs around without a care in the world and doesn't rely on a single person for his enjoyment.  So cute.

"Tat Tat" is really developing the cutest personality.  I know I've said this aloud a thousand times, but he is really just the happiest baby.  Content and satisfied 85% of the time.  The other 15% he wants to be held instead of letting his parents get ready for work.  A little frustrating, but he's so cute, how can I say no?!  And he's ticklish all over now.  Making him laugh is my favorite thing to do - his whole face lights up and his belly jiggles.  I love it.

Patrick and William are really starting to play together every now and again.  Sometimes it even lasts for longer than 30 seconds. haha William is always very concerned that Patrick is "ok" and checks on him often.  Pats his head.  Tells him it will be ok.  Such a sweet big brother.  And Patrick follows William around like he hung the moon.  That has already started to annoy William a little bit.  Especially when Patrick grabs on him to try and stand.  William hates that pretty much all the time.

Apparently, William has been using the potty regularly at school to teetee.  Like - all the time.... Stinker.  We think it's probably because of peer pressure and routine.  Mostly peer pressure.  They go to the bathroom in groups, it's easier that way I am sure with a bunch of mini people.  We did succeed in getting him to sit on the Elmo potty this morning.  Only by promising him a treat if he tried.  I was planning on saving the tootsie rolls for when he actually goes - but since sitting on the potty is a success in and of itself right now - he got the treat.  We still aren't being pushy though.  As long as he doesn't go to kindergarten in diapers - we are good.

It was our Sixth Anniversary today.  For once in our life, planning worked out in our favor, and our anniversary is always around Memorial Day, which always equals a three day weekend.  Good for us.  :)  Yesterday we went to Callaway to swim at Robin's Beach.  We'd been trying to get up there for weeks, but the Fusion always foiled our plans. Not this time.  Which is why we were not to be deterred when we got to the gate and realized we would have to pay in addition to our pass because it was a "Special Events" weekend due to the Waterski & Wakeboard tournament.  Dammit - we were having our fun family day in the sun - we were not ABOUT to turn around!! Take that FUSION!!!  Can't get the Rumers down!! haha!!

It was totally worth it.  We had a great family day.  Patrick LOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS the beach and the water.  That kid is going to be the epitome of a beach bum.  William HATED the sand and only tolerated the water at this age.  Patrick thinks he can swim and tried often.  William has thankfully warmed up to the sand and had a great time digging tunnels, burying his animals, and making castles.  Patrick tried to eat the sand and throw it in my hair.  It was super cool watching the professional waterskiers... I used to waterski at my great grandparent's lake house and my adult body now notices how much it hurts, so I can't remember the last time I went.  These guys were crazy good cutting back and forth.  And there was something like Wake Skating...?  The board wasn't attached, so it was like skate boarding, but on the water...?  That was neat too.  William like pointing out the boats and watching the jumps.  I can just tell that this is going to be a great summer.


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