Monday, May 21, 2012

Funny little boy words

Yes - It has been FOREVER since I have posted.  Seriously, it's been busy around here.  Hard to believe I am sure....  We have been out of town every other weekend, work has been blowing up - which is fine because I like being busy, and the boys are growing like weeds - it's hard to keep up.

William has been saying the funniest things.  The other weekend at my Dad's house, I guess he couldn't reach something, so I had to get it for him and he just kept repeating "You big Mommy You Tall.  You big You tall."  I was almost offended until he followed up the tall part.  ha!!  I have a notebook to write all of his funny sentences in, but I just can't keep up.  He's talking SOO much now and Sam's parents commented that he's becoming less of a toddler and more of a big boy.  Which he is quick to tell you as well.  "I not a honey Mommy, I a big boy."  Hilarious.  I can't believe that he will be three in 10 weeks.  Three seems so old (yes - I know that statement is ridiculous considering his Daddy turns 30 on the same day).  Before we know it he will be in kindergarten, then high school, then married, and oh my.  Where will the time go?!!

I watched hours of video of William and then Patrick at my dad's house too.  I had actually never seen William's first steps - he walked to get to a book - such a smart boy.  And how he laughed hysterically at hitting balloons.  I'm so glad we have the video camera (Thanks Daddy!) because it's way too easy to not remember all the little details.  I'm sure people thought I was crazy, but I was videoing the boys at the duck park yesterday - William "riding" his bike and Patrick was just sitting in the stroller.  But, our camera was dead (oops) and I want to remember how excited William was that the baby geese were coming up to him to get bread.  I can barely remember how small *if 9 lbs could be small - ha!) Patrick was and that was only 8 months ago....

Patrick has become quite the speed demon on the floor.  He can flat move.  It's so funny - he crawls with one leg up and drags the other.  Which is good I guess, because only one knee/top of the foots gets dirty this way.  I remember William's legs were always scuffed, dirty and red!  He is starting to cruise the furniture just a little bit and much prefers to stand.  At their school's Beach Day, I had to hunch over holding his hands while he walked all over the water park.  Maybe that's why my back hurts....?!  I certainly don't want him to walk anytime soon though - I'll then have to admit that he's growing up and I am in full denial.  haha!!

They are starting to for real play together.  We had fun play time on Mommy & Daddy's bed this weekend, and they were both just squealing and tickling and running all over it.  THE cute thing.  I've been trying to convince Sam that we could totally fit a King bed in our room and that it's an ABSOLUTE need... Then Patrick could continue to sleep with Mommy and he could too!!  He's not buying in - I still have some work to do.  Oh - and william REALLY wanted Patrick to sit in his lap during Night Night book time on Sunday and when Patrick didn't come - William slid up behind him, pout him in his lap (between his legs) and hugged on him for minutes.  What lucky brothers they are to have each other.

We aren't really making a whole lot of pregress on the sleeping front.  We have managed to get Patrick to start the night in the crib, but when he wakes up between 9-11, I usually just end up putting him in the bed with me.  It's easier that way honestly.  We (really it's just me - Sam wants him to learn to "self-soothe) waffle pretty regularly about whether he should learn to sleep on his own versus co-sleeping.  The only thing I really wish is that he would go to sleep at bedtime - but those issues might be because he apparently had a double ear infection.  I don't know.  I really do like co-sleeping and I do think it is good for him, as much as there are contradicting opinions on the whole thing, but I also would like a little bit of a schedule bedtime.  I don't want to make him cry it out though - it just feels cruel to force him to wail - he sounds so hurt and betrayed.  It's all a big conflict for me and there's not a whole lot of middle ground as far as I can see.  He is still waking up every two hours to eat, which could be comfort nursing/habit at this point, but I don't really know how to stop it and I'm not entirely sure that I want to.  Except that I am constantly exhausted and my mind is mush every now and again.  I don't know.  I'm not sure how to do it right.  I will say that when Patrick is done eating, he is done.  It's so amusing to me.  He will nurse nurse nurse and then all of a sudden he will just roll over and go back to sleep.  Abruptly.  He's done it a couple times just eating in my arms as well.  Cracks me up.  Maybe things will change when he's a year old.  3 more months 3 more months 3 more months.

And since I just noticed how few pictures we have taken this month - literally only 70 total - I know!! - I feel like I should mention that we have taken a LOT of video...  I guess the boys have been more interesting when they are moving (slash, the video camera wasn't dead for half of the month....)  Also, since most of the pictures are from Cleveland - we love being at my parent's house.   There's so much space.  And just sitting on the front porch, regardless of the weather or time of day, is absolute perfection.  And the company's not bad either - haha!! LOVE YOU!!!  Oh - And Mother's Day was wonderfully uneventful.  We decided to document the day at the last minute with us all in pjs, no makeup, and a "baby" elephant - but with those blue eyes - who cares about anything else.  I am beyond blessed.


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