Saturday, August 25, 2012

Just words.

We have not taken a single picture the past week, maybe two...  Bad mommy...I know.  Though, I did take a 3 minute blurry video on Sam's phone this morning of Patrick walking down the hall at school like a big boy.  I don't have the slightest clue how to get that to the blog though, and even if I did, I doubt you would want to actually watch it.  I mean, he's cute and all, but it's three minutes of blurry.  Only I will watch it over and over I am sure.  And cry just a little bit every time, because it means that my baby is that much closer to not being a baby anymore.

William has been doing really great with his new classroom this week.  He usually runs right in without any tears and then, after checking on the giant dinosaurs, comes back and gives us all big hugs and kisses.  I'm hoping his new teachers grow on me, because right now, I'm still in mourning over Ms Phyllis.  I had a long talk with her, well as long as you can have in a busy daycare parking lot, at the beginning of the week, and I miss her.  She geniunely cared about William.  Loved him.  And these teachers are giving me attitude that he is having poopy accidents.  It's not ok.  I guess it's silly to think that anyone will be as good or replace Ms Phyllis, but I suppose I'm disappointed that they are falling so short.  It's only one year.  It's only one year.  And William has no idea and loves being with his friends.

He has started using the word Best Friend.  Sometimes it's me, sometimes it's Daddy, some days it is Garrett or Jude... It's so funny to hear him talk about his friends.  And it seems that nearly everyday he tells me that someone hit him.  Which is inevitably followed with "I hit him too".  I don't know how many conversations I've had with him about why we don't hit, it hurts, etc etc.  He always says that his friend hit him first though...  Right... I will believe that only because I want to.

We have abandoned the idea of sleep training Patrick.  Sam lost patience and I refuse to let him cry, so we were at a bit of an impasse.  I guess lucky for Patrick, Sam agreed to maintain the status quo - so kiddo gets to continue sleeping with me.  I am not the least bit disappointed.  Remember - I'm clinging to my baby... haha!!  He is a bit of wiggle worm when he sleeps though and somehow I'm relegated to the VERY edge of the bed.  He's a mini person and I'm the one sleeping within 6 total inches.  Goodness.

Patrick has been teething this week.  Atleast we think he has been teething.  And he gets ALL the symptoms - diarrhea, crazy bad diaper rash, painful mouth - it's just been ugly.  But no teeth yet.  Kid is going to be a year old with nothing to show for it all.  Google tells me that it is perfectly normal not to have teeth yet though, so I'm going to hold off on my panic that I have birthed a truly toothless child who will need dentures in kindergarten.  Not having teeth doesn't slow him down when it comes to eating though.  His new favorite food is italian sausage.  Which is good, because we eat a lot of it.  Unfortunately, he hasn't quite come around to chicken yet, and we eat a lot more of that...  He'll learn.

William had his first real dentist appointment this week and he did great.  We practiced saying AHHH and how he would open his mouth so the dentist could see his teeth.  The office has a rule that parents don't go back with the kids, which is fine by me as long as William is behaving.  He did request that I walk back there with him, but released me with an "I love you" once he got in the chair.  Big boy.  His teeth were shiny and white, he got a really cool Cars toothbrush that he loves, and no cavities!!  Dr Lawrence said everything looked good and we were on our way.  Easy cheesey.  I'm just glad that all the "shake milk" hasn't rotted his teeth out.  Though, I still maintain that it has less sugar than apple juice.  Just saying.

Recently William has been ALL about holding Patrick.  It's really cute.  He's starting to really try to play with him and involve him in activities.  And he definitely always have to give him a hug and a kiss at school during drop off.  Patrick returns the love and follows William around, now even faster that he can walk!!  Brothers are cute.  They are lucky to have each other.  Wish we were going to have more...


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