Sunday, August 12, 2012

Patrick by Numbers: 11

I am desperately trying to hold on to my baby.  Which I realize probably puts me in some lump of mom categories that is not at all flattering - but I can't help it.  Every time I turn around he is more of a big boy than I want to believe.  This is certainly not helped by the fact that he is toodling around everywhere.

*Who knows how much he weighs now.  I'll make an uneducated guess at 21 pounds.  This is based on nothing.  Our scale lives at my office and he hasn't been sick recently (yay!!)... so yeah.  Totally guessing here.

*Is wearing 12 months clothes.

*Walks more than he one legged crawls.  Can make a U-turn, side step, and lower himself to a squat and then back up again.  He walks a little bow legged and usually has his arms in the air.  I love it.

*Wakes up every 2 hours still.  I will admit that this is partly my fault, he wakes up to nurse because of the sleep association we've developed over the past 11 months, and that's the only way he thinks he can get back to sleep.  Hopefully by the time he is one we will be halfway to waking up far less and making the transition with as few tears as possible.  Wish us luck, it starts tomorrow...

*Refuses to eat baby food.  But he doesn't want any party of most of what we eat.  He throws puffs on the floor for fun.  He LOVES bread though and baby rice cakes.

*His favorite game is "Switch the Paci".  Doesn't matter how many times he does it, but stuffing the paci into mommy/daddy/grandaddy/etc mouth is THE funniest game.  Hands down.  We play often because who doesn't want to hear his laughter?!

*Patrick loves to drive cars and trucks around the floor and makes the Vroom (BBBbbbbb razz) sound to go with it.  Cute kid.  I think he and William will get along JUST fine...

*Says Mama, Dada, and uhoh.

*Understands what no means, and it hurts his feelings nearly every time.  The best is when he cries into the floor in protest.  With real tears.

*Really wants to see what being electrocuted feels like, as evidenced by his persistence in sticking his fingers in outlets.  See above for his reaction... ha!

*Is a great snuggler.

*Finally gives open mouth kisses - I've been waiting for this one.

*Has no teeth.  Zero.  Not one.  Which is good when the open mouth kiss turns to gnawing on my chin.

*Enjoys clapping.  And when he's REALLY excited he waves his arms in the air, shakes his head side to side, and smiles so big.

*Plays coy/shy often.  I love it because he buries his head in my shoulder.  He's going to be a real flirt one day.  God help us.

Only one more month number to go.....


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