Monday, April 6, 2009

My husband is amazing!

$120 from Pottery Barn

Less than $50 from Sam, Grandaddy, & Lowe's
(Thanks be to the gift card from Grandma Marge & Grandpa Striggow from Christmas! I knew we were saving it for something great!)

So I get home Thursday evening after Career Day at Sara's school, btw - thank goodness I did not become a teacher!, and Sam was really excited that the Pottery Barn Kids catalog had come in the mail.  I flipped through it and then promptly went to sleep at 7:00 - I'm totally lame-o now.  Between then and Friday after work he had mastered the plan to make this bookshelf and would fulfill the project void..

Um - so after breakfast on Saturday we convinced Grandaddy to go to Lowe's with us - he needed his help and his basement workshop - picked up the wood and headed out to his parents house.  I flipped through SEVERAL magazines, watched Bill do yardwork, and took a nap on the bench in the sun and the bookshelf was done!  In less than 4 hours!! (not including painting time) And quite frankly - I think I like it better than the Pottery Barn shelf.  For one - the dowels aren't jacked up AND you can actually fit larger books on the shelves!!  And the custom colors just make me happy.  :)

The best part - is I didn't have do anything but lend moral support and conversation during the painting process.  Sam even painted the dragonfly detail so he (and Grandaddy) could take ALL the credit for the creation.  (He wrote it on the back with the date - very cute!)  

So - yeah - my husband is pretty amazing!!  I'm so lucky!!

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