Saturday, April 18, 2009

Changing Table: Check - Nursery: still need

So the changing table finally came in the mail today!!!  Thank you Amazon gift card from Chris & Dan!!!  We've been waiting on it for about a month?'s been awhile either way.

Sam put it together and it's not quite the same finish as the crib - but the crib has 26 years on it - so I guess that's to be expected.  

This is my Big Bear.  I think he was Aunt Chris' - and then she gave him to me - and I retrieved him last time we were in Cleveland, so I could give him to William.  I didn't realize that having Big Bear no longer be mine would be so upsetting!!  I know it's silly - but when I was little I carried him around and then even in middle & high school I slept with him (he made a fabulous pillow!)  So - it was pointed out I was a little attached and I just sat on the sofa at my Mom's house holding him in my lap unable to part with him.  Ridiculous - I'm aware.  So anyway - William better LOVE Big Bear - or I'm taking him back...  :)

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