Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pretty cool...

We went to the doctor yesterday and all's well.  There is still a heartbeat - which I was most excited about.  For some reason, a couple days before an appointment I convince myself there's something wrong - it's silly.  I knew this appointment wasn't going to be anything exciting - so I told Sam if he needed to stay at work that would be fine - but by lunch yesterday I was convinced that if he wasn't there that I was going to get bad news and be all alone and it would be terrible.  But if he came - there would be nothing wrong.  Luckily - work had slowed down for him just enough to come to the appt.  I hadn't been able to discern the baby's movements from freaking things happening in my belly - so I had no idea whether he was ok or not.  Ridiculous - I know.

BUT - last night - we're laying in bed and Sam's laying in my lap so I can scratch his back and all of sudden there are three very distinct kicks right by his head!! It was so cool!  (And man - when this kid is bigger his kicks are going to hurt!)  I couldn't believe it - told Sam - he put his hand where mine was and William kicked him and Sam could feel it too!  It was so neat.  Of course, William being the already stubborn little boy promptly stopped entertaining us - but it was still really awesome.  

So yeah.  That's pretty much the excitement for the week.  We might have some housing developments to announce - but I'm not sure when...  We're anxious to move - so keep your fingers crossed people!


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