Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter weekend

Saturday was actually wonderfully uneventful - Sam did yardwork - we played with the dogs in the yard - pretty good day - but I feel like a liar if I titled the blog Happy Easter - because it's already the 13th (granted it's 3:45 am, but still.)  So - that's why I'm writing about a Saturday that was like every other normal Saturday...

Sunday  we went to early church - which involved getting up at 7:15 so I could take the first shower - not fun.  It was nice being done at 9:45 though.  I had somehow bribed Sam to wear his navy suit (I think it was me helping wash the cars on Saturday - but neither of us remember what the bribe actually was) and he looked sharp!  I love navy suits!  Anyhow - then we went to Hardee's for breakfast to kill time because everyone else went to Sunday school but there isn't a class that we fit in - so we never go.  Then off to Bill & Becky's to help get ready for Sunday lunch.  Everyone was coming over - so that was exciting!  I like it when all the family gets together.

Everyone wanted to know how I felt - which is great - except that I kinda think that hormones are running my life..  Case & Point: (This is only funny now - a day later btw)  It is almost always my job to toss the salad.  I don't know how this became my job - I think it might be the only thing in the kitchen that I can be trusted with - but over the years I have gotten REALLY good at it - so yeah.  Well I'm mixing everything up beautifully - and the dressing ends us on my very new, very pretty Easter/Dave & Amy's wedding/only pretty maternity dress I own.  And of course, it's not cotton - it's taffeta - so the stain is not immediately coming out and looks awful and we haven't even taken the family picture yet - so my dress is stained right in front.  This is something I cannot handle and magically Sam appears about 2 seconds before I'm about to start crying because I've ruined a dress that we couldn't really afford but I still had to wear next weekend for the wedding and I'm convinced not even the dry cleaners can get the stain out and basically the world is ending because of 4-5, now very faint, spots.  I have the best husband ever - the only person in the world that could make sure I wouldn't have a total meltdown right before Easter lunch - granted - I don't think I was exactly happy but I wasn't crying - so that was an improvement.  (gotta love the hormones - though I think I would probably be upset if I wasn't pregnant...)

So of course this was right before dinner - and then I swear the hovering began - which Sam later pointed out was more in my head than anything.  (I'm telling you - I was EXTREMELY upset about my dress - completely ridiculous!)  Everyone was very concerned that you could see the bottom of my plate, that that was all I was eating - and I was so upset that I didn't care to eat - plus I had to avoid all the foods that might splatter and make more of a mess on my dress, which is a shame because the salad looked really yummy...  Then, of course, all the advice came and I had to try really hard to take it with a smile.  I did learn for the 17 thousandth time though that boys love their mommas.  :)  Luckily - Sam's sister Laura is a Pre-K teacher - so she had lots to share about her class of children and we stopped talking about babies.  

It's not that I mind talking about babies - but I feel ganged up on with so many people giving their opinions.   Anyhow - I didn't mean for this to turn into a mini-vent - you're supposed to still be laughing at my silly meltdown...too bad I don't have a video to really make you laugh - I'm sure it would've been at the very least interesting to watch Sam try to reason with me...

The sweetest part was William's (prenatal) Easter basket from Bill & Becky!  He got the cutest sleeper thing with screwdrivers & hammers & tools on it - you can't look at it and not think of Sam!  So cute!  And a matching outfit & blanket that is blue & has animals on the shirt - adorable!!  (I'm so glad that there are options besides baseball & trucks.)  So - Thankyou Bill & Becky!!!  The most fun is thinking that next year we are going to have to do an Easter basket for real - though I think he will only be 8 months old (thanks Aunt Laura for counting) - so it will probably end up just being for show - but still!  But if I think about it too much - it's still a little strange that we will have a kid...  :)

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