Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Etsy escapade...

Ok, y'all - my facebook peeps thought I should do this - so I'm trying it out.  These are currently listed on Etsy (shop - RumerAndCompany - or search Closet Tags)
So - pass the word along about these tags and I'll be happy to make some more - Sam doesn't want me to start yet another crafty hobby for no reason... haha!  I'm dying to make some Ladybug ones!! And bluebirds, and yellow duckies, etc...  It's so fun!!  

Anyhow - here are some I made for a friend, she has an 18th month old - so only two for her - but I think they're adorable..

These are the girlie ones that I made for my friend Tara who just (well 5 weeks ago) had the cutest baby girl.  Granted - the nursery is more pink but these were too cute and Tara is easy going and loved them anyway!!

I think these would be super cute for shower gifts - and I would be happy to paint initals on the back!  Um - check out Etsy - but $24 for a set of 6.  I'm happy to hear suggestions, etc - so bring on the comments!!  I think I will make Ladybug ones next...  Or bluebirds...maybe both?!


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