Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Feeling crafty?

I think I might be going a little baby crazy.  I really want to, practically need, to do something related to baby everyday.  Cute onesies, nursery related, just something!  Recently it has been painting little crafty things.  I painted a tiny birdhouse that matches the dresser/bedding and painted the wall letters on Monday.  Yesterday I started working on the dividers for the closet and finished them today.  (so cute btw..) But what am I going to do tomorrow? Or for the next 3.5 months for that matter!?!  Eventually I am going to run out of things to do for William's nursery - more likely I will run out of funds..  Though I am pretty proud of myself for doing the dividers for only $10 - it meant I had to spend an hour in Michael's trying to figure out to make it work - but it was fun.  (Side note - Hobby Lobby is far superior to Michael's)

Hopefully these will make the closet even more organized and easily used - atleast they'll give me something fun to look at it if nothing else!  There was a blue elephant that I think I might make a newborn one out of even though it doesn't go with the colors whatsoever - and just to completely second guess myself - maybe I should've only done one animal instead of 4 different ones...  I think I might make these as a baby shower gift for someone - that would be really cute and it would prolong the days when I have no craft!  Brilliant!!  (if you are reading this and are expecting a baby - please disregard the previous sentence!!)  


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