Monday, June 22, 2009

Baby Party Luau!!

Thanks to Amy & Hadley - we got to go to the most fun baby party ever - and it was for us! They seriously went over and beyond - everything was awesome! The decorations were awesome - paper lanterns, tropical flower dishes, all the color coordination(!), flowers in our hair, coconut glasses - so much fun!!! The food - omg - hotdogs, doritos, and banana pudding!!! I heard that the bbq was really good too - gonna have to try Brannin Rd! Thank you so much for everything ladies! It was so much fun to see everyone and hang out in the AC! (seriously - could it have been hotter?!)

Sorry in advance - we were having so much fun - we forgot to take a lot of pics - but here's what there is:

The house looked great!!
Me with Amy & Hadley - my bestest!
The boys about to chug out of baby bottles
Bocce Ball - but I don't know what I'm doing...

A humongo thank you to everyone who came and helped us get ready for William. We had so much fun with y'all!! Who wants to be the next to have babies so we can do this again?! :)

Side-track for a small baby note: I am now not sleeping thanks to indigestion or heartburn, Sam diagnosed that last night, but he has introduced me to Tums and I think I might be in love. Also - William does not like it when I slouch, and every time I lay down to take a nap or go to sleep he thinks it is time for a full on dance party, not cool, I need sleep...


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Abby said...

Oh the heartburn! Don't remind me! I unfortunately had an aversion to Tums, so it was the hardest thing getting them down. The amazing thing is how quickly all that stuff disappears after the baby comes out.

Glad you had fun at the party - good luck for the home stretch!


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