Friday, June 26, 2009

General Catch-up I suppose

Totally forgot to post anything about Father's Day - I'm a bad wife... No cute pictures because we forgot to take pictures of anything except Sam's dad opening gifts - but I think Sam had a good a day. He got a new pair of Reef flip flops because his literally have a hole in them and he got a set of tool bags to keep his essential tools in the house and a really sweet card. I definitely noticed though that Mother's Day was a much bigger deal for the "to be" mom then Father's Day is for the "to be" dad. Which I don't quite understand but yeah.

We had lunch at his parents house and then came home. Not sure what we did - but at some point Sam decided that of all the days, Father's Day would be the day to get to see a movie at the theater. I am generally opposed to paying so much for a movie - it's just wrong - and way to expensive - but it was Father's Day - so off we went. (Side note - The Hangover is HILARIOUS!!) Small little surprise - we got to pay the matinee price because we beat the time by 5 minutes!! I wanted popcorn though - but was NOT about to pay $7 for a medium when we were paying $5 (!!) for a drink. (Thank you Sam for letting us get Sprite so I didn't break the caffeine ban in a big way - you're the best!) Then we came home and ate leftover barbeque - yum - and banana pudding - double yum!

Pretty much Sam is going to be the best dad ever - so I'm just ready to get this started. I keep repeating 8 more weeks 8 more weeks. If it wasn't so amazingly hot - this wouldn't be so bad. Next time we are going to have to think a little bit more about when/what time of year we get preggers - because THIS - is not preferable. But, millions of women have survived summer pregnancies, so it can't be THAT terrible. I am on the lookout for someone I know to have a pool - hint hint y'all! :) And just in case you have a pool and were worried that I would put on a bathing suit in my condition - no way jose - I will go in fully clothed - no one needs to see my belly like this.

Did I mention that I now have stretch marks? I am not one of those lucky women like I thought I was going to be - but I have cocoa butter lotion and I'm not afraid to use it! haha! :)

So my mom came into town yesterday just for the day/1 night on her way to Montgomery to see my sister graduate from Air Force Officer Training. That was fun. In between the two doctor visits I had yesterday (thyroid & OB/GYN) we went to my FAVORITE consignment shop Mikayla's Place and shopped for baby clothes. Which is always a good time - and she pointed out that we did not have enough clothes to keep William from being naked half the time. We got the best stuff - probably 20 things/outfits for an average of $3 each - and maybe 1/3 of them still had tags!!! So cute!!! There were a lot of REALLY cute smocked jumper/jon jon/what are those things called? but I would hate to spend money on them and end up getting the wrong size and William never be able to wear them! I realize that $20 is cheap for them and maybe we should've bought them - but I don't want to spend $20 for something he'll never wear - spending $3 is one thing... anyhow - most fun place ever. We ventured over to the girl racks and the dresses are SO CUTE! Seriously - if you have children - go there!! There's also toys and furniture and other stuff. Even managed to find a black maternity shirt for me - so now my "nice" shirts that cover my expanding belly is growing to maybe 5..haha! THANKS MOM FOR EVERYTHING!! SO MUCH FUN!!! William is going to be mighty stylin'! :)

And now I just have to make it through to today and then tomorrow we are headed to Atlanta to redeem our gift certificate at the Ritz Carlton and have a mini-baby moon. Fun! We're going to the aquarium - I'm BEYOND excited! And Sam wants to eat at some Brazil place where they carve your steak off vertical meat or something - where ever he wants. I probably won't be able to fit anything more than a salad in my scrunched up stomach...

Sorry no pictures - maybe next time..


PS - we are now the proud new owners of a video camera - so we will hopefully be able to post videos on here - be on the lookout for a test or two.. :) THANKS DAD & SARA!!

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Abby said...

I don't think there is a good time of year to be pregnant! My home stretch was December/January, and the problem with that is that you have to dress so warmly, yet all you want to do is make snow angels in a swimsuit. That's not to say, though, that I don't envy summer 3rd trimesters...Oh the joys - hang in there!


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