Sunday, June 14, 2009

We've been busy bees...

...unpacking like crazy (that was my job), installing new fans so we can survive the summer in Columbus, installing a new dishwasher, taking out a stupid half bath and closet to make a much larger - much needed - storage closet, setting up house in general....

So far we are almost completely out of boxes - I think there are still a handful that need to go to the attic or the storage closet - but that's pretty much it.  Not bad for 1 week if I say so myself - and I will - since I did most of the unpacking.  Sam says he has a professional packer & unpacker and has enjoyed having very little to do with it.  Poor him though - I'd practically attack him when he got home to move the boxes that were too heavy so that I could deal with them.  :)

The first couple days I don't think we rested.  Sam had to repair the subfloor & wall where the dishwasher was going, which was a surprise, but not a huge deal - and then install the new dishwasher.  I would like to take this moment to say that our white, inexpensive dishwasher does a MUCH BETTER job of actually cleaning our dishes than the stainless steel, very expensive dishwasher we had at Forest Ave EVER did.  Plus - we can actually fit our plates and some (smaller) platters in the dishwasher! It's crazy!  (and super wonderful!!)  I can live with the fact that it is a little bit louder - oh and it doesn't take 2+ hours to wash a load of dishes either!  I'm in love..haha!!

I'm also really glad that we painted the weekend before - it has made life so much easier!  It's been really nice to truly unpack instead of playing months of musical boxes.  I unpack a box and put its contents where it goes - such a concept!! ;)  On that note - it was my mission to get the boxes unpacked as soon as possible because I've been waiting 7.5 months to set up the nursery and the time was NOW!!  I just had to clear the boxes that were stacked to the ceiling out...easy cheesey... I think by Thursday I had cleared enough to slide furniture around and I had a big time.  By the time Sam got home - I had it pretty much set up - looking rough and plenty of mess around - but the big pieces where they went.  And I LOVE it!!

It's not 100% done - I still have to address some walls and we're still trying to figure out to afford an 8x10 rug before August 17 - but I'm sure everything will work out... Or it won't and that will be fine.  :)

Need to replace almond blinds with white ones - I don't understand why they even make almond - they're just ugly...  Also need to find large frames for by the rocker for baby pictures - we probably have some in a box that we put in the attic now that I think about it... :0
I think I am going to paint the starburst tree things from the bedding on this wall - it just feels empty to me - will post more pics when that is done.  I LOVE how his name turned out though!  Never doubt 3M tape - that stuff is serious! :)
This rocker is uber comfortable and just so happens to blend with all the greens which I was really surprised about - hopeful - but surprised just the same.  My ex-boss Leslie and co-worker Lisa - gifted it to us instead of throwing a shower - which worked out perfectly - because I had no idea how we were going to get a rocker and apparently they're fairly necessary...  Anyhow - LOVE IT!

So I think that's pretty much it.  We're in love with the nursery (seriously - we go and sit and stare at it - it's kinda weird actually.. haha) and can't wait for W.T. to get here.  Or well - we can wait..but y'know what I mean.  We're excited and it's nice to finally have his room design/ideas come to fruition.

OH! I forgot to mention that we are very proud of ourselves for eating at the dining room table for EVERY meal!!  Seriously - I even eat breakfast by myself at the table... (this is quite an accomplishment for us - since for atleast the past 3 years we have probably eaten 98% of all meals on the couch at the coffee table watching tv...)  Sad I know.  But it's really nice.  We pay more attention to what we're eating, have conversation with each other, and watch a LOT less bad/random tv.  We feel so grown up! haha :)


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