Monday, June 29, 2009

Back from the Babymoon!

We had originally had grand plans of going to Charleston, staying in a Bed & Breakfast, and living it up for a LOONNG weekend - but the selling of the house didn't happen soon enough or according to "our" plans - so instead we went up to Atlanta on Saturday for a short weekend of things we never get to do. Bill & Becky had gifted us one night at the Ritz Carlton on Peachtree - so atleast we had a roof over our heads - and the most wonderful feather bed & pillows underneath... Seriously - do you think they would let me buy them?!

We checked in, put our stuff down, and then practically immediately called the valet back to get our car, and headed to Lenox. Some of you might know - but there is literally NO WHERE for "good" shopping in Columbus. Granted - that's usually fine these days since I can't fit into anything with this watermelon - but it was nice to find nice baby things. Most out of the price range we were willing to spend - seriously $65 for a baby hoodie?! c'mon! But we found THE MOST ADORABLE seersucker outfit that will get monogrammed - even Sam said it was seriously cute - now that's saying something! That was at Pottery Barn Kids - we also found William's new night light - it's an owl and it glows - it's SOO cute!!! And fits in his nursery perfectly! If you had told me that I was going to be ok spending $30 on nightlight a week ago - I would've told you were crazy - but somehow - since it's for the baby - and because Sam loved it - and it was quite possibly the cutest nightlight EVER -it's ok. :) Then at Macy's, which btw - our Macy's is a sorry excuse for a store - we found a romper (? I need to figure out what all this baby clothing is called) that's green with turtles and a white collar - bought it in 12months so the closet on that end won't look so sad.. - and we also got a blue smocked outfit for church. It has cars - which I KNOW I said I didn't want (and still don't generally speaking) but it has buttons for wheels and is only across the chest - it's adorable - and TINY!! I love 0-3 months! I hope this kid is small. OH and we got William a Christmas present toy - haha - it's a toy soldier puzzle thing that is actually beyond his years I am sure - but it looks like the stuffed soldier that is Sam's - so we couldn't resist - plus it was on sale..!

Anyhow - that was our shopping adventure. Surprisingly - Lenox didn't have that many baby stores - which is fine - we were running out of our allotted baby spending money at this point... We still had a couple hours before we were supposed to be at my cousin's 2 year birthday party - so we went to IKEA. Found some plastic tubs for 1.49 and bought 30 of them for the storage closet in the back of the house (so nice to have that stuff organized and put away!) and then Sam wanted some compact fluorescent lightbulbs and I found some nylon baskets for the baby dresser and we hightailed it out of there. We could spend thousands at IKEA if we had thousands to spend. It's kind of ridiculous.

Then we went to the birthday party and we were 30 minutes early - but we were doing good not to get lost - so we helped blow up the helium balloons and tie them to chairs. Kalin, Lainey, and Grandmother showed up early too - so it's not like we were the only ones. Dash, my 2 year old cousin, is absolutely a doll - so cute. He does high fives and knucks and it's the cutest thing. He giggle too - which is cute. We played with the new video camera - but I'm gonna let Sam help me figure out how to get them on here. The party was fun - went about 45 minutes longer than we had anticipated - and because my ankles were the size of canteloupes and I was exhausted - we made the executive decision to skip our reservations at Ruth Chris Steakhouse and just order room service. Felt a little lame but it was nice just hanging out with Sam in the room (in pajamas!!) then having to put on a dress and have my swollenness out for everyone to view. Besides - Sam ordered a steak which was crazy good and I had been wanting a club sandwich all week - so that was delicious too.

Sunday we slept in - 9:00!! Black out lining is so worth it - but you definitely want to set an alarm. I had actually pretty much been awake all night - but I think I slept nicely from 6-9, so that was ok by me. We got up, took showers, packed up the room, and went down and had breakfast in the hotel - YUM!!!! Then we checked out and headed to the aquarium!!

We have been meaning to go to the aquarium since it opened and either never wanted to spend the money or didn't have the time - so that was the ONE thing we HAD to do while we were here. Note - do NOT go to the aquarium in the summer on the weekend - there are WAY too many people. I really thought I might kill someone - everyone is so rude - but whatever. The fish were really neat - so many bright colors in one of the sections (I don't remember which). and we saw Whale Sharks, Beluga Whales, Hammerheads, Stingrays, etc etc etc. Really really cool stuff- we even pretended like we were children and touched the stingrays and itty bitty sharks in the petting pool. (they felt wet, smooth, slimy-ish, and weird..) We also bought the combo ticket that got us in to the Titanic exhibit - which was awesome. It was really neat to see actual artifacts recovered from the boat. We've watched some special on the history channel a zillion times on the Titanic - so it was really cool to see some of the things in person and read about some of the people, and I could go on and on. Loved it - except there was no where to sit down...oh well. And you know - the casting people on the movie did a really good job in casting people/making people look like the actual people they were playing - it was uncanny!

Well, we went all the way through, looked at everything, bought a magnet (you know we have to get a magnet everywhere we go!) and headed home. Got stuck in major traffic - thankyou construction for narrowing it to one lane - that was awesome - and made it home around 4:30 ish I think. Sam put us right to work on the organizing the closet and that was the weekend. We ate pizza, watched boring tv, and I fell asleep in the chair with headphones on my watermelon.

Great weekend!


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