Monday, June 8, 2009


First off - HUGE thankyou to my Daddy  & Sara whose school trip to Lagrange just so happened to coincide with our moving weekend.  Without you two - there is no way we would have EVER gotten finished moving.  THANKYOU SO SO SO SO MUCH!!!

I promise that next time y'all come visit - there will be no manual labor involved! :)

So we actually closed on Thursday on BOTH houses - thank goodness!!  Couple surprises - but everything worked out and it was done.  Slightly disappointed selling a house and then having to sleep in it for the next two days - but that's ok.  I still had plenty of work to do packing/organzing...

Friday we went to Lowe's and bought the Frig & Dishwasher we needed for the new house and lo and behold they were actually able to deliver next day and we got a rebate for free shipping!! yay!!  I know we did other very interesting things with my parents, went to Wal-mart...I'm such a hostess, and then when it was dark we plopped them in front of the tv - forbid them to help us - and finished packing the random last minute things that never make it to a box in time.

SATURDAY WAS MOVING DAY!!!  We got up at 6:30 ate yummy cheese danish and cinnamon rolls and then Daddy decided that him and Sam were going to move all the furniture (that was heavy btw) from upstairs to downstairs.  It was going to save us time, hence save us money, but there was no way I would have ever considered carrying down the armoire even if I wasn't pregnant.  But they're manly men - so I guess it was no problem.  Huge Help!!  I was able to completely clean the upstairs before anything had really gotten started.  

AND THE MOVERS WERE AWESOME!  Seriously - if you ever move in Columbus use WRIGHTCARE!!!  They literally wrapped EVERY piece of furniture in blankets and taped the blankets down.  It was so much more than I expected.  Plus - they're  crazy good at packing.  Because of all the rain the two days before the move I'm assuming their usual trucks were unavailable (people wouldn't let them off load their furniture in the monsoon...) so they brought a large UHaul and I was little upset because I was SURE it was going to take two trips.  We may be downsizing - but we still have a LOT of stuff.  They seriously fit all of our furniture and boxes in the UHaul.  It was insane! Master packers!!!  Plus - their rates are great!  Weekdays $85/hr Saturday $93.75/hr for four guys!!  It took them 5 hours and 45 minutes to move us and that included the wrapping and having to drag/carry everything up a steep hill at our new house and up 5 or so steps, unwrapping every piece of furniture, and putting it where we wanted it.  I was hoping for 5 hours - but that was before I knew they were wrapping up the furniture - so we were ecstatic and very satisfied..  HIRE THEM!!!!  Plus they were pleasant and very hardworking.  Ok - that's enough..I'll stop.

Ok - so we're moved in by 2pm I think.  Daddy helped us move the heavy stuff so I wouldn't have to later (THANKYOU!!!)  He also helped Sam remove the old dishwasher because Lowe's was on their way and that turned out to be a bigger job than we thought - we're going to have to replace the subfloor and repair the plaster wall - but that's no big deal.  We were talking at dinner - if we can walk into Forest Ave at the beginning and not be super overwhelmed then these little things that pop up are no problem whatsoever.  So there's one silver lining about Forest Ave - we are no longer scared of problems/project houses.  Small Victories (that's for you Sara!)  

Anyhow - Daddy & Sara finally left around 5 I think - after Lowe's showed up and finished delivery -  and I kinda wanted them to stay.  It was fun having them here.  Guess I'm grown up - I like my parents.  :)  

Then Sam's parents & grandparents came over to see the house for the first time - I think they liked it.  Sam's dad lived around the corner and was a crossing guard at that corner - so that's neat.  I think he gets a kick out of it.  Then, thankgoodness, they invited us to dinner - I don't think we could've mustered up any energy to provide for ourselves - we were exhausted is an understatement!!  

Sunday was huge sorting the boxes and unpacking some of them.  Again - I'm exhausted and hurt.  I didn't even lift any of the heavy ones but it wipes me out and makes me hurt.  And I know I'm allowed to take some kind of tylenol - I've made it 7.5 months without taking anything but my thyroid medicine and prenatals - so  I don't really want to ruin it now... just saying. :)

All in all - we really like the house - we have a project list a mile long - but it's so nice being able to go from the bedroom to the kitchen in eleven steps instead of down the stairs and around the corner just to go back up the stairs...  (I don't think I want to have stairs ever again...atleast not with the master on the second floor..)  Sam installed a fan in the front room, light kit on the fan in the baby's room, switched out a couple switches/outlets, and did other stuff that I can't even remember.  The house is starting to look really good and comfy.  I promise to post pictures when I am no longer embarrassed of the disaster...

OH - on a preggers note - failed my 1 hour glucose test so I had to take the 3 hour glucose test on Thursday morning..  That thing stinks!! Plus my nurse was a nazi and my arms hurt and my left is still REALLY bruised!! Not cool.  Hopefully I'll find out today or tomorrow whether I have gestational diabetes or not.  I'm hoping for not obviously.  I like ice cream and banana pudding.  Just saying.  Plus - Sam said that GD produces 9 and 10 lb babies and I'm SOO not into that...  Again - just saying.


(Didn't mean for this to go so long - sorry...)

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