Monday, June 15, 2009

It didn't take me long...

here is the new and improved crib wall.  A much improvement if I say so myself.  It now has purpose and style - I love it!  I'm still in LOVE with our slightly abstracty - not - too-  baby - bunny theme!!  Whatcha think?

On a slightly different note - baby is kicking like crazy - and it's so cool!  I should be annoyed - because he chooses to really go to town when I'm trying to go to sleep - but it's the neatest thing ever - so then I just end up laying awake hoping that he'll continue.  Last night I swear he was Wii Boxing - it was the craziest thing.  But everytime I would lift up my shirt to see if I could see it on the outside and not just feel it - he would stop - then start again when I put my head down - but my boobs are ginormous now (ugh) that I couldn't see over them... I tried this for about 5 minutes and then finally gave up...silly me.  Oh - and he's discovered my ribs - at first it was just the left side but the right side got a good jab today - so yay - soon it will hurt but right now it's just surprising and fun.  ;)

I think tomorrow I am going to paint a dragonfly in the corner between the windows - haven't remembered to look for those frames yet - should probably hang those to figure out where to position the dragonfly...  What in the world am I going to do when I'm done with this?!  Nesting is fun - but I'm running out of things to nest.  I suppose I could finish unpacking the last couple boxes - but that's no fun when there's baby stuff to do! 

We finally got around to hanging the bookshelf that he & Grandaddy made tonight - looks good.  It's nice to see it on the wall instead of propped up against something...  I wonder if we could now switch rooms with William - I like his better.  ;)



Kristin Brannan Wilson said...

I love your did you make his letters over the bed?

Thanks alot!!

Kristin Brannan Wilson

Meghan said...

Just saw your comment...

The circles are fabric hoops with fabric tightened and glued in - the letters are then just 3m'ed on top of the fabric. If I had to do it over again - I might consider using smaller hoops so the letters could attach to the frame and not the fabric - would probably be sturdier that way - but 3M tape is crazy - so it's holding very nicely.


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