Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I am in love


Seriously, we have had the two most beautiful days this week. Crisp and cool in the morning and just warm enough in the afternoon. (though technically I would prefer it 10 degrees cooler but I'm loving it anyway)

Yesterday I had all the doors open with the attic fan on and the house didn't go above 74 degrees!! And I was painting my dresser on the screen porch - so both the french doors were open and it was just lovely.

My dad came in town to see William (perfect timing too because I have been BUSY today) and we went to Tasha's softball game and the weather was STILL great!! They won and William took a nap.

I cannot get over this weather - I hope it lasts! ;)

Tasha in Left Field!!

Grandaddy watching the game with William.

Just woke up from a good nap with GDaddy.

He's not really that red - we had a chair umbrella hooked up to keep him from getting sunburned. Y'know how it is for us redheads! ;)


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