Monday, March 15, 2010

Ducks All in a Row

Inspired by Charlotte & Ruby's fun bathtime - Sam and I searched out the inflatable duck for William. He had pretty much outgrown the bath seat - feet hanging off and he didn't want to sit in correctly. But in the duck - he can sit, splash, and play with his toys. So super cute.

And in other news - I survived my final exam tonight and am officially school and anatomy free for two weeks!!! My sewing machine will not see the closet for 14 days (as if I ever really put it up in the first place...) And wish me luck - I am going to attempt to MAKE my Easter dress. We'll see how that goes and if it goes well - check the other blog. If not - pretend I didn't mention anything about it... ha!



Jennifer said...

Where were those ducks when we were kids?! My parents would have had it ALOT easier for sure! How cute!!

Meghan said...

I know!! It's awesome!!

Angie said...

How cute. Love the last photo especially. The duck is the way to go.


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