Wednesday, March 31, 2010

To the Gardens

Last Saturday we took a family day and went up to Callaway.  The weather wasn't quite as predicted, so off came the cute warm weather outfit and into the new sleeper from Target we picked up after breakfast.  And luckily, since I never clean out the car apparently, there was a long sleeve tshirt and fleece vest for me.  Score.

We started at the Discovery Center for a diaper change and bottle for pepito and then off we went to the Butterfly House.  William didn't scream this time as soon as we walked in, which was nice.  And managed to break a flower while I was trying to show it off to him...not to plan.  Oh well.  There were butterflies hatching, but we had a hard time seeing for all the rude people hogging up the window.  Whatever.  I have no tolerance for that.

Then, we made the executive decision to take the LONG way around the lake/park.  OMG!!  It was like 3 miles I swear.  It took forever to get around!!  By this point, I was hungry, my feet hurt, and William was fighting going to sleep.  It was nice to have all that time to spend with Sam though.  We got a lot of quality conversation in and that doesn't happen often enough.

We finally made it to the Sibley Center and fed William bananas & strawberries on a picnic bench, while we ate Snickers, because we didn't have room to carry our packed of our many mistakes that will be remedied on the next trip.  Anyhow.  By this point, the sun came out and Sam sat on the swing while William and I played in the courtyard grass.  He was super intrigued by the kinda green stuff and kept reaching down to check it out.  If the ground hadn't been wet - I would've let him play in it more.

Quick walk back to the Discovery Center and we ate lunch outside by the water.  William sat happily in his stroller at the table and played with ziploc bags.  Cute kid.

We're going to try and go up together atleast once a month - it was so much fun and William was perfectly behaved (for the most part).


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