Monday, March 8, 2010

William by Numbers

Pepito is seven months old as of March 3. His picture is a little late because he spent a glorious week with Grandaddy & Mima (and Mimi - one of his great grandmothers) I know that he loved being there and vice versa. Though my Dad has finally deemed him a "fussy" baby. I feel a little vindicated. ;)

It's hard to remember where six months left off and seven months began but I'll see if I can try.

*Is now an absolute pro at sitting up by himself. By the end of the month - he rarely falls over
*Loves all fruit, bananas, pears, apples, peaches, and apparently fig preservatives in tasting bits
*Can usually be found toodling around the house in his walker happy as can be and can now jump all thresholds in the house
*Makes lots of letter sounds - all vowels, B, "hey" sound, is working on M & D
*Razzes like his life depends on it
*Giggles when poked, tickled, "munched on"
*Still lights up at "boop!"
*Was on a 2 hour awake, 1 hour sleep schedule (he's in the process of changing this)
*Bedtime used to be 5:30 - 6:00 (changing this one too)
*Teething like a maniac but still has NO teeth
*Has discovered Burnie and wants to touch her, Burnie doesn't like it so much but is tolerating in small doses
*Has surely passed 18lbs by now, my arms can attest to that
*Still prefers to be naked
*Has rediscovered peeing into air
*Does not like loud noises AT ALL. This includes mommy reacting to the above point.
*Will drink water out of sippy cup all by himself but refuses to feed himself a bottle
*Can sit in a buggy or carseat and loves the new vantage point
*Seems to be long waisted
*Still loves to eat wet wipes and all paper products, including handmade Valentine's Day cards...
*On Baby Zantac, which seems to be helping A LOT, but only if given before 4:00pm - apparently it has some kind of stimulant in it - yep, learned that one the hard way

That's all I can think of at the moment. I'm braindead from anatomy (which is OVER next Monday!! atleast for two weeks anyhow)

William is an absolute joy. And I'm secretly enjoying the clingy baby behavior that being gone has produced. Though, I did find it very difficult to hold him and brush my teeth. Spitting out over a moving foot proved to be interesting...


Hadley said...

Look at that smile!!! Love it!!

Jennifer said...

God love those sweet cheeks!


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